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A Brief Discussion On Work Hardening Lanham Maryland

It is a rehabilitation program designed for injured workers to restore the functional and work capacities with a primary goal of returning to work. This includes activities designed to improve strength, coordination, and overall physical condition of the injured person through application of work simulation.

When injured workers with the help of physical therapy and occupational therapy are able to meet short and long term goals but due to functional deficits are unable to return to work might be benefited with the intervention designed specifically with primary goal of returning to work.

In all Work Hardening programs, there is a reproduction of the work like environment where the tasks are designed to increase the worker’s tolerance for productive work. Through Work hardening program, the worker is able to return to one’s former occupation and will be able to meet the demands of the new type of work. The goal of Work Hardening is to achieve the acceptable level of productivity by the worker at work after returning to the work. Through this program, not just physical conditioning but also the behavior of the workers is addressed which include dressing appropriately for tasks and having a structured work time. This is how work hardening is different from work conditioning which doesn’t address all the additional tasks. Work Hardening Lanham Maryland is a rehab at work which has exceptional service with staff who are experienced and passionate about providing highest level of care to improve the function of the injured worker or person with the goal of returning to work.

Injured workers who benefit most from the work hardening program usually have a medium to high demanding jobs to return to and are usually a minimum 30 days out from their injury. To get injured workers back to previous occupation, Work Hardening Lanham Maryland offer full body intensive conditioning programs focusing on work simulation activities. The program is goal oriented, highly structured and individualized to the person injured with the goal to get the worker back to work. The Work Hardening Lanham Maryland programs are multidisciplinary and designed to restore vocational, physical and behavioral functions using real or simulated work activities as a treatment modality. In this program, the actual work tasks are performed to rehabilitate an injured worker in preparation for a return to the job.

Physical or occupational therapists are usually the ones who administer the work hardening program working individually with the injured worker or as a part of a team and also might include rehabilitation professionals, physicians, and psychologists. Others that might be involved with Work Hardening program include dieticians, industrial nurses, ergonomists, drug and alcohol specialists and orthotics. The Work Hardening Lanham Maryland offers the best environment for worker rehabilitation by providing nearest reproduction of actual work experience.

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