How To Make An Essay Appear Longer Than It Is

Here you will find out how to make your essay longer and how to make it appear longer. Why would any student want to artificially make their essay longer or make it appear longer? The reason is twofold. Firstly, the student may have only made a few points and they make the text look a little thin. Secondly, many professors set word counts, which means an essay has to be a certain length.

Longer Or Appearing Longer

If you do not have a word count limit or restriction for your work, then you are going to want to make your work “appear” longer. If you do have a word count limit or restriction, then you are going to have to actually “make” your essay longer.

Things You Should Not Do

Here are just a few things that other articles are going to tell you to do in order to make your essay “appear” longer. These are the things you should not do.

     + Increase the font size

Professors often set font and formatting standards to help stop this.

  + Cut your work up into smaller paragraphs

Your professor will mark you down for poorly constructed paragraphs.

  + Change your page margins

Professors set page formats as standards to stop this sort of thing.

+ Change your line spacing

Professors will often ask for three/treble spaces anyway.

  + Set your character spacing as expanded

Your professor will send it back for reformatting every time.

+ Set blank footers and headers to take up space

This goes against all formatting protocols so your professor will send it back.

Ways To Make Your Work Appear Longer

These are tips to help make your work appear a little longer without actually adding any words. These are tips for if you do not have a word count limit or restriction for your essay.

          + Separate very long paragraphs

If you have very long paragraphs of ten lines, is it possible to cut that paragraph into two without damaging the meaning? If possible, you should do it. You may have to add a transition from one to the next or else your professor may mark your work down for being poorly constructed.

            + Change the font

Some fonts take up more space than others. The trouble is that many professors set standard fonts, which are usually Times New Roman or Arial.

            + Add images to your work

Images are big sexy space fillers that can make your work appear far longer than it is.

+ Try to include lists that summarize your points

Let’s say you just wrote a section and it had several good points in it. You can copy and paste those points and make them smaller (more concise), and then put them into lists that recap what you have said. You are not adding words, you are just copying and pasting them, but you are taking up a lot of space.

  + Use bullet points or lists

If you use bullet points and lists, then you can draw out your major points and put them into smaller sections. This article is only 800 words, but it has been bullet pointed and spaced into lists so much that it appears far longer.

Actually Adding Words To Your Essay

Here are the tips you should use if you have a word count limit or restriction and you need to increase the amount of words you use.

      + Use an assignment writing service

You can use an assignment writing service rated on sites like to get your work done for you. Send them what you have done, and pay them a small fee to add more content to it.

      + Split up paragraphs and make them stand alone

Let’s say you have a paragraph that has three good points in it. Cut up the paragraph, and then write new introductions and paragraph-conclusions for each point so that the paragraphs can stand on their own.

      + Add opinions without stating them as facts

This is a risky move, but it can be done with many liberal arts papers where you expect you to show comprehension of the subject. Opinions are easy to add into any piece of work, or at least, that is what I think.