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Birmingham eCommerce Agency Discuss Launch Of Magento B2B Program

The world of B2B buying is changing. Whereas in the past buyers would have to consult with a sales person to place an order, today they want to be able to do their own researching and online ordering, similarly to a B2C way of working. With this in mind, B2B businesses need to provide buyers with self-serve information and online ordering options or they risk failing to meet their needs. Customers aren’t exactly limited for choice and will have no trouble taking their business elsewhere.

Magento is launching a new B2B program, offering businesses the opportunity to create a more B2C-like online experience for their customers.

So where does Magento come in?

Magento (owned by eBay Enterprise) is already serving many B2B companies with its existing solutions, which include Magento Community Edition and more relevantly, Magento Enterprise Edition. However, the company has recently announced that it will be launching a new B2B-focused program, which will give companies more options than ever before to provide their customers with B2C-like shopping experiences.

When it comes to online ordering solutions, no one is better placed than Magento to meet the needs of B2B customers; after all, it is the world’s leading eCommerce platform. Thanks to the new B2B program, more B2B clients will have the opportunity to experience and utilise the power of the open ecosystem.

According to a blog post shared on LinkedIn by Mark Lavelle, Head of Global Product and Strategy at Magento, thirty per cent of the company’s Magento Enterprise Edition clients are using the platform for B2B purposes. The hope is that more and more B2B companies will flock to Magento, once the new Magento B2B program is launched.

B2B customers want to be able to buy the products they need online without having to go through a sales person.

Why Magento?

Many distributors and manufacturers already favour the Magento platform, as they are able to use it to create consumer-like experiences for their buyers, whilst still taking advantage of the flexibility and customisation options offered by Magento.

Magento already has many existing B2B clients including Implant Direct, Gemaire and SureGrip Footwear who use the platform for its fast time to market, scalability and outstanding performance.

Another benefit of the platform is that it can be extended using thousands of modules and third party apps, giving merchants the option to create a completely unique B2B experience for their customers and helping them to gain a competitive edge.

Forrester recently published a report “The Forrester Wave: B2B Commerce Suites, Q2 2015” citing that Magento was a Strong Performer when compared with eight of the most popularly implemented B2B commerce solutions. Also, eBay Enterprise was stated as the top eCommerce provider to the group of sites making up the 2015 Internet Retailer Top 1000. Magento was first for the third consecutive year.

What’s Next?

Magento are currently developing the new B2B program with the help of a number of expert partners. These companies will be working on a robust set of APIs that make it easy for businesses to integrate Magento with other external business systems.

Here at we’re are looking forward to seeing how the Magento B2B program develops and the opportunities it offers to B2B companies looking to create a more B2C-like shopping experience. Be sure to check back for any updates on the program as and when they happen.

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