How To Quickly Improve Your Essay Writing If You Hate Writing Essays

Nobody said you were supposed to enjoy essay writing. The students that claim they do enjoy it are the ones that have not yet discovered sex and gaming. The trouble is that when you enjoy something, then time flies. When you hate something, then time drags. It is in your interest to enjoy essay writing so that you do not have to spend as long doing it (sounds a little counterintuitive, doesn’t it?).

Find A Way of Enjoying Yourself

You can do it in a number of ways. You can purposefully enter double entendres into your essay to see if your professor notices. Sometimes the tiny thrill of being a bit naughty is enough to get you through a few hours, some young men are able to have a tiny thrill in front of a computer two or three times per hour. Add a few clever or funny lines into your essay, or write your essay with hardcore trance music on your headphones.

Some people snack as they write because they claim the happiness-endorphins that kick in create a Pavlovian effect where they associate writing with happiness, though be forewarned that snacking may make you associate writing with being hungry, hence the number of tubby writers in this world.

Get More Organized

In simple terms, if you are unorganized, then your writing is going to take a lot of time. The more time you take writing, then the more you dislike it, which means it feels as if it is taking longer, and which means you are more likely to put off writing in the future. Great more organized, and it stands to reason that your writing speeds will improve.

Start Your Essay the First Day Your Receive It

This is vitally important if you want to get your work done at all. Your brain is a mysterious thing, and starting your essay the same day you receive it will help you get it done long before the deadline. Your mind considers priorities very differently, where if you have a task to do, then your mind will happily put it off, but if you have an unfinished task, then it will weigh on your mind and bother you until you complete it.

Get into the habit of starting your essay the same day you receive it, and in your mind it will remain an unfinished task, which will compel you to go back, keep working on it, and finish it.

Have Somebody Else Write It For You

The fastest and most efficient way of getting your work done is to have another person do it for you. Essay writing services are viciously popular these days because they are convenient, relatively cheap and mostly risk free. It is less risky to search the Internet, read reviews on sites like and hire an online essay writer than it is to pay another classmate into doing your essay for you. Add to this fact that the writer you hire will be more qualified and experienced than you are, and you have all the more reason to hire an essay writer and spend your free time doing something else (such as revising for exams).

Write In Modules

This tip is the best one, so it has been saved until last so that only the people that have read this far will be able to enjoy it. Cut your essay up into sections (modules) and write them that way. For example, with this article, the writer split up the piece by headers and wrote the easiest ones first. The harder and/or ones that needed further research were left until last. The piece was then edited together to ensure it flowed correctly and to ensure the overriding meaning was hammered home.

You can do a similar thing with your essays to improve your writing quality, plus you can use to editing process to write notes for your conclusion so you can revamp your conclusion and make it stronger.

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