Things To Know Prior To Enrolling Your Child In One Of The Residential Schools In Kolkata

Selecting the Right Schooling Method can get a Little Confusing

Parents often worry about the future and education of their children. Once the child grows past infancy, it is the time to research and find out the best institutes for a sound career in future. As the seat of education and culture, Kolkata has a number of schools that are well known even in other states. Some of these are of international standards, with a chain of schools in other countries. The education of a child can be of two basic types: either through a day school or a residential school. There are schools that provide both for the students.

Parents often have queries about the possible benefits of residential schooling. It is wise to look for the benefits online as internet search results present a wide range of options, making the right choice easier. You can check out the schools with this facility and understand and measure the pros and cons of each. Another step can be to visit various forums and to actively participate there to discuss and learn from others’ experiences.

The usual Picture in these Schools

According to surveys, the overall situation is pretty much the same. You will find residents ranging from children to adolescents in any of these, some with happy and eager smiles; some with their noses in books while others are more focussed on practicing sports such as cricket, basketball, football, swimming, and others.

What the Families should Know Prior to Enrolling their Child:

• The residential schools, specially the state residential schools, enable a rigorous and advanced curriculum for the students.

• The total number of students tells you how many classes (especially at a higher level) are offered on a regular basis. Class sizes are not big and there can be scope for guided independent study.

• Schools need to have specialized faculty members in certain fields holding graduate degrees. They must help students in improving their capabilities to learn and excel academically. Such faculty members should be able to shoulder responsibilities as well as commitments for time and more.

• The house parents need to be caring and capable of counselling and guiding students in their care.

• There should be mutual understanding and rapport between the school faculty and students. This helps a child to improve his intellect as he grows with people he trusts.

• Academics are designed in a manner to challenge students in the advanced levels. These include mathematics, sciences, humanities and languages.

Consider Factors beyond the Classroom as Well:

• Counsellors are available in these schools to attend to the personal issues of the students. These include problems in adjusting to school, stress in studies and homesickness. The help is available any time.

• The residential schools are able to understand how necessary it is for the students to have close connections with family. Thus long weekends and holiday breaks are often scheduled. There are also family weekends that takes place on the campus. Thus students get to spend time with their families and close relatives.

• Students who are usually bright will find programs that require intellect and in this manner their abilities are further improved. They will get encouragement and realise that it is good to be gifted.

• Teachers and counsellors understand how to give guidance to students, sometimes including their families. This is available to them at the time of applying for colleges and universities.

• There are social activities and extracurricular programs that are arranged for encouraging engagement with peers and other members of the school family.

Check Out the School’s Website Prior to Enrolling

When you have finally thought of selecting a particular school, it is important to check out its website. The website is always informative and will have a list of FAQs (frequently asked questions) that directly address specific questions. Once you are satisfied with that you can visit the campus to have a discussion with teachers, residential staff and also the students. You can also get in touch with the ex-students.

Here are Some Tips on the Practical Information you could Seek:

• The weekly and daily schedule

• How far teachers are willing to help a student with a given issue

• About the campus and the roommates

• Food and availability of medical facilities

• How different things will it be from any local high school

• The range of extracurricular activities

• Methods of communicating with the school and teachers

In Conclusion:

The decision of sending your child to one of the residential schools in Kolkata should be made only after taking all these factors into consideration.

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