Which Machine Among Treadmills and Elliptical Is Beneficial In Lower Body Workout?

Both elliptical and treadmill machines are the most widely seen machines in gyms for cardio vascular workouts. High end machines like NordicTrack Treadmill, Bowflex Max and others are quite effective when it comes to aerobic exercises, burning calories and reducing weight. Each of these machines has its own pros and cons. Among elliptical and treadmill, the machine that is beneficial in lower body workouts is treadmills because of the wide range of features that it offers. Given below are some of the benefits of treadmill over elliptical in lower body workouts.

Which Machine Among Treadmills and Elliptical Is Beneficial In Lower Body Workout?

  • Treadmills offer stride motion and have an array of features related to brisk walking, jogging, running and uphill sprint. These are known to provide speeding, inclination and leaning features to the person who is working out. Therefore, the lower body is totally worked upon in treadmills.

  • While a person walks, jogs, or runs on a treadmill, the targeted parts are the inner and outer thighs. A person who opts to work out on a treadmill tends to tone his thigh muscles way to faster as compared to a person exercising on an elliptical. This is so because the running motion of legs stresses the muscles, thereby producing contractions and relaxation gestures.

  • Working out on a treadmill not only helps in toning your thigh area, but it is equally effective in strengthening your legs, abs and butts. A person who briskly walks around a garden area for nearly 30 minutes would burn 60 percent lesser calories than a person who walks on a treadmill for the same duration. This is the reason why treadmills are chosen for the lower body workouts.

  • When the inclination angles of the treadmill deck is increased, a person tends to burn more number of calories and more and more muscle fibers in the legs are activated. This helps in improved toning of leg muscles, thereby benefiting your lower body. It has been noticed that a 5% increased inclination burns approximately 17% more calories than a flat surfaced treadmill.

  • An inclined treadmill is also effective in improving calves and hamstring muscles as compared to a flat training treadmill.

  • Working out on a treadmill helps in curing the problems of muscle pull, muscle stiffness, leg cramps, muscle tightening etc. If a person is suffering from these issues, he or she is advised to just do brisk walking on a treadmill for nearly 15-20 minutes, following the safety measures.

  • Running on a treadmill also helps in aiding your posture as you age. This happens because if a person is regular in exercising and is conscious about his physical health, he or she will have strong muscles and bones throughout his life.

  • Treadmills are beneficial for the lower body workouts also because it offers natural leg movements. The technology is advancing at a fast pace and thus the latest treadmills are designed in such a manner so that they offer the maximum benefit for the lower as well as complete body workout.

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