Bring The Ball In Your Court Before Hiring An SEO

In this post, I’ll try to tell you some basic points that will not only help you in improving your website but also helps you in avoiding the problems that can hamper the SEO efforts.

I have seen this issue and try to figure out, after lots of reading and practising I came to the conclusion that SEO can be improved or can be protected just by building a great site. If your website is not up to the mark in terms of architecture, then you may end up having problems in your SEO workings. That is why having or building a good to a great architecture for a website is very much important. As this affects both how the visitor interacts with your site. Also, whether a search engine can analyze the optimized content properly or not.

Words of Wisdom: – It is important to build or design a string and search engine friendly website right from the start to avoid SEO failures.

Apart from the web design point of view there is various measure that should be adopted to save the development costs as well as SEO experts hardship.

Keep Security Certificate Current: – It is important to keep a close eye on the certificate renewables to avoid the delay. SAs the delay may lead to the expiry of certificates which further leads to havoc amongst the visitors.

404 Errors: – If you have missed the redirection of 301 old URLs. Make sure those invalid URLs returns a 404 error with a page that is properly designed for 404 error.

Underline Clickable Links: – It is highly advisable not to break the set protocols related to underline links. As they are still; the best and the universally acceptable indicator that says that the specified one is hyperlinked.

Redirect the old URLs: – There can some URL changes in the redesign of any site. But before making any changes it is highly advisable not to remove the old site. Before doing so, capture all current URLs so that you can easily 301 redirect any URLs that are no longer available or present.

Implementation of canonical breadcrumb URLs: – I have witnessed this quite some times when contents are viewed from multiple URLs. That is why it will be best to consistently pointing out the canonical URLs. Make sure your breadcrumb URLs do not follow the navigation path of visitors.

Establish a proper page hierarchy: – I would never advise anybody not to establish a hierarchical order to set the web pages. Maintaining a hierarchy in page URLs helps in the navigation of the website. After that navigational categories and subcategories should be represented in almost every URL.

Disallow those pages that keep search engines out: – You need to keep your search engine safe from spidering pages by keeping the robot.txt file. Disallowing these kinds of spidering pages may help in a various ways.

Trace out ways with which you can increase the page load speed: – Look out the opportunities and ways with which you can easily increase the page loading. There are so many options available in the market that can help you in making your page load faster.