How To Grab The Best Deals On C-arms?

After you have decided what you’re looking for, the next logical step is to find a good place to get it. This is not always that easy. While we at Block Imaging currently operate our own C-Arm refurbishment program, this was not always the case, and over the course of those 12 or so years we had plenty of chances to get a feel for what makes for a good C-Arm refurbishment vendor and what doesn’t. For grabbing best deal, do your homework on your vendor and the machine you want to buy before it leaves their warehouse.

Vendor Homework

Don’t be afraid to ask your vendor. If a vendor is real, they will be able to comfortably answer any questions you have. Ask your vendor for a list of their renovation steps. The ISO certified vendor will provide you a document.Find more information and good renovation programs will include following steps or very similar ones:

Evaluate C-Arm: Examine C-Arm’s function and identify components need repair or replacement. This involves an initial evaluation report and examines the quality of radiation; confirm image intensifier, tube and image save functionality, and ABS, general performance, tube performance and resolution testing.

How To Grab The Best Deals On C-arms?

Decontaminate: Remove the biohazards block Imaging performs internal and external cleaning and dust removal and fully removes the harmful substance of the C-Arm including deleting patient data for HIPAA Compliance.

Cosmetic Reconditioning: This phase involves in restoring the C-Arm to its original state. Covers are prep for paint and scratches are removed. C-Arm is completely repainted including foot switch, keypad overlays and logos are placed.

Component Replacement: Replace or repair the damaged components. New monitors and batteries are installed. Also damaged high voltage cables, brake pads, foam seals, switches, breakers, connectors, fuses and wheels are replaced.

Calibration: Ensure that C-Arm is performing optimally. Block Imaging assures the C-Arm is performing optimally by completing a complete technical calibration including dose adjustment. The beam alignment, power supply, vertical column, battery charger, steering, locks, handles, collimator, video system and C-Arm bearings are repaired or adjusted.

Ask your vendor about their time: The renovation of C-Arm should take time. Each and everything should be checked from the casters to electronics, to cables, connections, brake pads, monitors, workstation software, keyboards, removal of previous patient records, and calibrations to name a few things. If your vendor replies you that they’ll begin working on your C-Arm after the sale is made, any ETA less than two weeks should raise an eyebrow. Remember, most systems will take several days on a truck in transit to your place here documents like this from your vendor is another way to ensure that important steps are not being skipped.

You always have the right to inspect your finished product or have someone inspect on your behalf. Your vendor’s facility will help ensure that they’re giving their best effort. Nothing lights a fire under a service provider quite like putting a face on who will be getting the service. If a salesperson or the renovation team knows that they will be accountable for their work in person, they will make certain that even the smallest details are in order.

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