Advantages Of Brown Bag Lunch

Packing own meals can help you control more over calories than local Deli. Check these tips on how to pack tasty and satisfactory brown bags for lunch.  Remember your brown bag lunches in school days. A twist on that old brown bag lunch is ticket to weight loss.

Advantages Of Brown Bag Lunch

Calorie control through own Brown Bag Lunch

With control over calories, you can also control over the portion distortion. Portion distortion is a usual inability to assess the accurate portions of food you prepare. It is a notable player to weight gain and diet failure.

Tracking what you Eat

This idea was tested by researchers in Minnesota on 19 women who agreed on eating prepackaged lunch every day for 2 months. They were given small (767 calories) or larger (1,528) lunches and asked to eat as much as little they wanted. Result showed that those who had larger lunch they ate around 278 calories more. This indicates that constant exposure to larger portion size causes them to unintentionally eat more and gained more weight, around 2 pounds in 2 months.

Being Organic is Beneficial

Few Free Dieting Tips for healthy and full brown bag lunches to save your money and calorie count as well;

Wrapping your Leftovers

Modify slightly your last night’s remaining dinner to give it a fresh feel. For instance, stuff remaining chili in pita with few vegetables and avocado slices to give a new taste.

Microwave your Frozen Meal

There is a frozen lunch reception to every diet and budget. A lot of them are really fine and they control on calories.

Packing a Soup

Soup is actually very filling and has fewer calories. Actually, various studies shows that people who eat soup before their main meal are more likely to take 20% fewer calories

Concentrate on Cost-saving Options

Generally, brown-bag lunch will saves money as compared to eating out. When stretching your bucks, it is recommended to use eggs, beans, potatoes, and the whole chicken meals leftovers such as rotisserie and baked at home to be really low-calorie as well as budget friendly.

What to Pack in Your Brown Bag for Lunch

If you usually eat out, you may gradually learn the options you can take. Generally, you can follow calorie counting guidelines to create meal that fill. You may need a right mix of some weight loss foods contain proteins, fiber, veggies, fruits and the like. For instance, a chicken sandwich made of multi-grain bread with small portion of salad with a light or no dressing and a smaller piece of fruit or low-calorie yogurt, will really work for weight loss.


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