Plan A Trip To Ladakh For A Rejuvenating Holiday

Located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, India, Ladakh is a picturesque place enclosed by mesmerizing mountains and breathtaking scenic beauty. It is one such place in the world that should be on everyone’s must visit places list.

There are many things that one can do when on a trip to Ladakh. Owning to the landscape, Ladakh is a perfect place to indulge in adventure sport activities. These include Trekking, which is allowed from June to October before the snow season begins. Then there is white water rafting along theIndus and Zanskar Rivers.

Those looking for sumptuous food they need not worry, as the local food here will truly leave you spell bound. You can try thukkpa,yak-butter tea and world famous momos all cooked the traditional way to perfection. Not just this, people also come to Ladakh to just disconnect from the hectic lifestyle and relax in the natural beauty and the fresh air Ladakh has to offer. Those who want to know about the Buddhist religion should not miss a visit to the gorgeous monasteries at any cost. These monasteries are visited by spiritual tourists from all around the world in quest for spirituality. Shopping enthusiast need not get disappointed. The shops here have an old school charm and you will get everything from prayer wheels, Tibetan tables to pashminashawl here. Just don’t forget to bargain to get the best deal for your souvenirs.

You can easily reach Ladakh via air or road and the best time to visit this place is during the months of May to September when it is not too cold. Remember these are the peak holiday season in Ladakh so it is best to get an advance booking to avoid any kind of inconvenience later. But if you are a budget traveler then planning a trip during off-season is a good idea, as during this time you will get good discount rates and other special offer.

There are many travel agencies and companies that offer affordable packages for holidaying in Ladakh. These packages include conveyance, accommodation, food and itinerary to all major hotspots in Ladakh. You can browse the Internet to find travel agency in your area. Remember to make sure that the company you choose has good reviews, enough experience in this field as well as facilities they claim to offer you.

Also, it is best that you choose to stay in a 5 Star Hotel in Ladakh. Here you will get all kinds of services and amenities onehopes for on a holiday such as complimentary breakfast, free WiFi, 24×7 room service and much more. When you book 5 star hotels in Ladakh with the help of such companies it will ensure that you get a hotel and a room as per your choice and travel plan that too without you spending too much time on researching. With so much to do in Ladakh what are you waiting for, plan your memorable trip right away.

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