How Education Kills Creativity

Adult Education is specific and programmed learning system that makes a certain pathway to learn for students. It is alike a “view protector” by this, you can see only the things which are in front of you and you can lost yourselves to understand them after doing hard work to identify them.

Of course education is a basic need of development of humanity, undoubtedly it is creating millions engineers, doctors, lawyers, experts and many more are following. A Nation rises on its own resources made by the people who are capable of doing something at their own and education is a main brick to build the dreams true, but this is what we are following without acceptance.

Learning is about acquiring knowledge and skills that come from our human nature to identify and curiosity to know about things. Living and non-living things both has creativity to perform and to adapt the atmosphere around them. Creativity leads you to innovate and to create the things. If you have skill to perform at any level of process for manufacturing or creating or producing or even for doing as well you don’t need to wait until your marks allow you to play on.

Creativity has its own expansion to make possible all the imaginations of us. Education is good for basic knowledge to understand words and numbers and how to read, write and calculate figures, but it is not enough at all. After getting a college or higher education, system forces to follow the theories and strategies what were written, before. Creativity creates its own and so fresh. If you join a course to learn how to do this or that, you need to remember the things in same manners in what they are. On the other hand, if you learn to do something your anxiety forces you to do it at your own tricks. The purpose is to say is that practice makes you perfect not the reading alone and learning of skill starts with practice and end with perfection.

Vocational education and training starts with tests and ends with mark sheets or report cards. Degrees can give you job, but skills to do some creative, make you professional. Education system demands marks, grades and distention to prove that you are better one. University professor Robinson is an expert of creativity against education explained many times that how the skills development is more important than education.

Intelligence has different forms to present like mathematical, verbal, empathetic, imaginative, practical and emotional as well. Education is a destroyer of creativity to think beyond that’s why many of brilliants think they are not because the good things what they have never got values in school.

Protected feeling takes children down and creates fear of making mistakes, if you don’t make mistake you will never find original from you. Gillian Lynne is known for improvise cats and phantom of the Opera, was not a good student in class and taken to specialist to find the reason of her destruction in classroom and her mother got words “she is not sick, she is a dancer”.

Conclusion is that don’t depend on degrees, I’m not saying they are useless and teacher are not good at their work. I’m just trying to say that creativity needs space to imagine out of box so, just leave the children with their inbuilt skills and never force them to perform best in classroom. They will make your proud by doing something original from themselves.