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This Change In Schedule For Galaxy S7 Is Like One Bullet For Two Targets

Looks like South Korean giant Samsung is in a bit hurry. Traditionally, Sammy holds a nice reputation of being one of the most predictable centres in terms of a product release. Well, this time things have been pushed a little back. Buzz is that the much anticipated Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are going to put the wraps off by early next year. Now it’s too easy to guess the upcoming CES will be the event for these superstar devices to be unveiled.

Learning from the past;

Anyway, it’s not the Galaxy S7 through which the process of being in dash has initiated. Rather, it started with S6 Edge Plus, which witnessed a deviation from its routine IFA release. Being an ardent fan of the leading smartphone manufacturer, it’s quite natural for a fan to meander about the reasons involved with such hurry. Let’s have an analytical dig at the issue.

Making things easier, you can approach about solving the issue through the obvious formula, the Apple-Samsung rivalry. As it is evident that Galaxy S7 is going to be showcased in January, the Samsung dealers are now having something to resist the crazy performance of iPhone 6S, which would have been imminent sometimes then. Needless is to mention the kind of business iPhone 6 enjoyed. No doubt, it was technically a flawless stuff, but, through the eye of an analyst, Samsung missing the race was said to be one of the crucial factors involved behind overwhelming performance of iPhone 6, which the manufacturer would never wish to repeat with Galaxy S7.

It’s a perfect gap;

Any tussles between two contenders have always been interesting for the fans. Samsung Galaxy S7 being released before iPhone 6S is a clear indication of the fact that the Cupertino based manufacturer would be rubbing its creative sense a bit more to match the standard, or to be distinguishing.

Apart from rivalry, the early release would certainly offer some time to breathe in for Samsung. This is an optimistic idea if you take a look at the schedule of the release of upcoming frontlines in the world of technology. Being specific, Samsung’s such strategy is said to be effective enough to confront against the iPhone 7’s market. A little shift in release schedule makes the manufacturer able in dealing with two rival devices, through its single product. No doubt, Galaxy S7 is the equivalent opponent for iPhone 7. In other words, Galaxy S7 is certainly the favourite in S7 v iPhone 6s battle. Again, upon taking a hop in to the gap between iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 release, it would be thoroughly realised that the intermission is a little scrapped for a couple of devices to be unveiled. On the other hand, the change in schedule has managed in a perfect way for the leading smrtphone manufacturer to counter two devices from the rival house, without compromising much about the market.

There might be some diplomatic reasons later coming from official sources of Samsung, but, the above reasons making some real sense is pretty certain. It’s a win or wins strategy so far with Galaxy S7. However, the only thing that the manufacturer has to make sure is that the features introduced deliver with plush quality.

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