Why Personal Hygiene Promotes Healthy Living

The word Hygiene is derived from the Greek word ‘Hygieia’, which was the name of the daughter of God of medicine. She was the goddess of health and cleanliness. Health determines the health of a human being. A healthy individual is not only the ideal example of healthy living but also good hygiene.

Why is it Important?

Hygiene is directly related to health. The better the hygiene of a person the healthier is the person. A person with good personal hygiene is presentable and radiates confidence from his personality.

Why Personal Hygiene Promotes Healthy Living

Starting Early         

  • Children from a younger age can be taught healthy habits.
  • This will promote their healthy living and develop a the habit of keeping themselves clean.
  • Basic personal hygiene can be followed by people of all age groups.
  • Cleanliness in the surrounding promotes feel-good hormones and result in good mental health that assists in curing depression.
  • Personal hygiene is the basis of being civilised.
  • Our habits directly impact our image in the society.
  • Hygiene is the indicator of your attitude that you have for yourself. Your habits can establish your image as a responsible and healthy individual and enhance your social status.

Foot Rule

Why Personal Hygiene Promotes Healthy Living

  • Your legs are the natural vehicle that take you from one place to another.
  • Often wearing socks for long hours does not let your feet receive air that is vital in maintaining freshness.
  • Toes stick to each other can develop fungus from the bacterial action. Itchy blisters can cause great discomfort. Smelly feet is an image destroyer.
  • Maintaining hygiene like wearing washed socks, drying the feet properly before putting on the socks and putting an anti-fungal powder in shoes before wearing them.
  • These steps can prevent the appearance of such fungal infections.
  • Bad odour causing bacteria can also be removed by washing the feet with a good quality soap.


  • Your hair speaks a lot about you.
  • Well managed hair in case of females and well-trimmed hair in case of males are considered to be hygienically sound.
  • Our body is exposed to the pollution in the environment. Washing hair regularly makes them clean and promote good health. Dandruff and lice in the head can become the cause of skin diseases.

    Why Personal Hygiene Promotes Healthy Living

  • Neatly trimmed hair in case of males is considered as gentleman traits.Why Personal Hygiene Promotes Healthy Living
  • In case of females, hair can be well managed and washed twice or thrice in a week according to the climate and personal preferences.                                                                     Why Personal Hygiene Promotes Healthy Living
  • Combing the hair removes dust.
  • Consult a dermatologist for treating lice and dandruff. 

Oral HygieneWhy Personal Hygiene Promotes Healthy Living

  • Brushing teeth twice in a day is a no-brainer.
  • Brushing the teeth maintains oral hygiene. Using a mouthwash and floss can remove bad breath.
  • Oral hygiene is very important. Harmful bacteria can travel from our mouth to the digestive system and cause diseases.Why Personal Hygiene Promotes Healthy Living
  • Regularly brushing the teeth can improve oral health.


  • Dirt can get accumulated in the fingernails.Why Personal Hygiene Promotes Healthy Living
  • This can cause infection and also does not project a healthy image. Cutting down finger nails with nail cutter is advisable to maintain hygiene.Why Personal Hygiene Promotes Healthy Living
  • Washing hands prior to taking a meal is considered to be an indicator of personal hygiene.


Why Personal Hygiene Promotes Healthy Living

  • Treating the whole body alike necessary as our body is a whole unit.
  • If a single component is infected the infection can spread through it to other body parts.Why Personal Hygiene Promotes Healthy Living 
  • Use an antibacterial soap for cleaning your genital area.Why Personal Hygiene Promotes Healthy Living
  • Removing unwanted hair from pubic regions is also one of the measures to lead a clean and healthy lifestyle.

Maintaining a good personal health boosts self-esteem and motivation. Therefore creating a healthy outlook to the personality. Personal hygiene helps prevent diseases and develop an attractive personality.

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