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Why Personal Hygiene Promotes Healthy Living

Why Personal Hygiene Promotes Healthy Living

The word Hygiene is derived from the Greek word ‘Hygieia’, which was the name of the daughter of God of medicine. She was the goddess of health and cleanliness. Health determines the health of a human being. A healthy individual is not only the ideal example of healthy living but also good hygiene.

Why is it Important?

Hygiene is directly related to health. The better the hygiene of a person the healthier is the person. A person with good personal hygiene is presentable and radiates confidence from his personality.

Starting Early         

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Oral Hygiene



Maintaining a good personal health boosts self-esteem and motivation. Therefore creating a healthy outlook to the personality. Personal hygiene helps prevent diseases and develop an attractive personality.

Dr. Asa Andrew : http://drasablog.com/

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