Can Panic and Anxiety Create Child Shyness – Overcoming Child Shyness With 60sec Panic Solution

Excessive shyness in a child is a common problem for parents. It is often thought that sometimes the shyness in a kid is a hereditary issue, while sometimes it is just because of the environmental factors.

Shyness isn’t pathological; it is just a feeling of nervousness around other individuals, mainly those who are strangers. On the other hand, severe shyness in children can develop into social anxiety disorder.

Can Panic and Anxiety Create Child Shyness – Overcoming Child Shyness With 60sec Panic Solution

Signs and Symptoms of a Shy Child

Most if not all of us know what it is like to feel insecure or experience awkwardness around others. We may feel speechless or blush. These are few signs of the shyness. Some other signs of child shyness include

  • Feeling self-conscious
  • Physical sensations such as feeling breathless or shaky
  • Feeling uncomfortable
  • Bashfulness
  • Feeling timid
  • Nervousness
  • Being passive an unassertive

Child shyness is probably seen when the child faces a new situation or he is with new people.

Reasons Behind Why Some Child Are Shy?

In addition to many kids who are genetically predisposed to the shyness, few life experiences can also make a kid shy. For instance child abuse, including ridicule and emotional abuse, may also cause shyness in a kid. Childhood shyness can also start after a child faces a potent physical reaction of anxiety.
A more than usually cautious parent may also cause shyness in their child by reinforcing the idea that this world is very dangerous. This can cause their child to think they should escape away from new or challenging situations.

Helping Child to Overcome Shyness

While many people feel it is positive to be shy, for instance a shy kid may be a perfect listener, many shy kid like to overcome their shyness. By encouraging slow and steady tips of 60 second panic solution, it is very much possible to overcome child shyness.

5 useful Tips to Help Child Overcome Shyness

  1. Model and Encourage outgoing, assertive and positive behavior.
  2. Understand that it takes time to overcome the shyness and reinforce that it is quite OK to feel awkward in some situations.
  3. Introduce the shy children to new people and environment a little bit at a time in order to build their self confidence.
  4. Assist a child with shyness preparation for some new activities ahead of time. For instance, what are the few thing the child would like to talk about?
  5. Explore some group activities that your child likes and he or she is good at and let them participate.

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