How To Find Right Property Using Mobile?

Property has always been a coveted possession for Indians. No wonder, considerable amount of time, money and energy is spent on it. Searching the right property is the most daunting task. Before the advent of mobile and computer technology, the task was even more difficult. Customers would have to physically go and check the properties. Real estate consultants in Bangalore were the prime source of attractive properties. They had the knowledge of location, price and type of properties suited to different segments.In return of their service, they would charge hefty commission on the deal. Customer and seller had no choice but to heed their demands. Radio, television and magazines would advertise best real estate consultants in Bangalore. However, the internet changed everything

Mobile and computer technology made the property selection and buying process extremely easy. Several real estate portals emerged in the market. Common floor, Housing 360 and 99acres have been the prominent ones. Once the concerned app is installed on phone, user is ready to go. One can select properties on various parameters like area of the properties, price, location etc. Essentially, real estate portal play the role of an intermediary and real estate advisor in Bangalore simultaneously. Through the app one can easily navigate different properties according to one’s own taste and preferences. If the user is not interested in a property, he can simply move to another one. This is a welcome change compared to physical presence of a person at the location of property.  Physical presence of the buyer and the real estate advisor in Bangalore can be embarrassing sometimes.

Mobile apps have spoilt the user for choice. Customer can compare the price of same properties across different locations. User then has the option of selecting the best one. The mobile apps offer customized services for the customers. As a result, if one is entering the website second time, only relevant selection will be reflected. This results in saving of time and energy for the user. One can also make use of the notification facility. Customers can be notified through email or message service about the new property on the market. Therefore, it keeps the customer abreast of the latest development and happenings in the property market.

Property dealer have been the traditional route for the property buyers. No wonder property dealers mushroomed everywhere in metros. Even though many were reliable people, yet the variety and quantity of property was not up to customer satisfaction. Searching from one property dealer to another and moving to different location could suck the energy out of even the most enthusiastic one. This is where the mobile technology shifted the paradigm of property business. First the customer can virtually visit the property. If it’s fit the criteria, customer can extract the owners contact details. Moreover, before scheduling a face to face meeting with the seller, customer can check the credential of company and the person through further online research. User reviews and several forums come handy during such situations.

In Conclusion

All in all one can say that finding property has never been easier. Chances of being taken for a ride by dealers and agents are very low. Customers can know the approximate price through different locations. Mobile apps have certainly redefined the model of business for the buyers, sellers and other intermediaries.

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