Custom Picture Framing- Detailed Guide and Some Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Custom picture framing is the latest trend. People convert their photographs onto the canvas. The trend of printing out beautiful photos and original artwork on the canvas is becoming very trendy, these days. Even though it is popular worldwide there are things, which are still unknown to some people.

What is Canvas Transfer?

Canvas transfer is a three step process. The first step is to apply a non reflective, durable and UV – blocking laminate finish to the artwork so that it is protected from water damage and fading. After the first step, the second step is to lift the image from the paper and transfer it to 100% cotton, acrylic primed duck canvas. Once the image is transferred to the canvas, the canvas is then stretched to fit on to a custom cut wooden frame. They are also called stretcher bars. The third step of the process is to finish the edges of the frame with a premium black fabric tape. The transformed artwork is turned to a hand stretched and light weighted canvas that retains the original texture of a canvas. The art masterpiece can be hung on a wall with or without a picture frame.

If the owner wishes to frame the canvas there are many different choices. There are many ready made frames available, or you can get a custom made picture frame for your piece of art.

Canvas painting is a very old trend. People are reviving the trend by canvassing their own pictures to keep the canvas painting style alive. Turning your photos into canvas has now become very easy. There are many professionals who provide canvas printing in Dubai UAE. You can either contact these professionals personally or they are also available to provide online services.

Frequently Asked Questions –

What is a mirrored image border?

In a mirror image border the outer edge of the image will be cloned or mirrored the mirroring process supports a smooth transaction. It is basically done so that an area is created to cover the outer edge of the gallery wrap.

What is a rolled canvas?

Rolled canvases are basically prints. They are mostly preferred by photographers and professional artists who prefer flexibility in framing and mounting process. It is termed to be a more economical option as it does not require any stretcher bars and it is very easy to ship it anywhere you like. A rolled canvas has a 2 ½’’ white border all around the edges of the canvas.

What are the different types of papers?

Basically there are two paper types – standard grade and premium grade.

Standard Grade –

It is poly cotton based white canvas which accepts eco solvent ink sets. It utilizes the eco friendly technology. The material lasts for more than 25 years. Top coat is not required for this type of canvas.

Premium grade –

The basic quality of a premium grade canvas is that the weight and texture of the canvas actually brings out the fine art reproductions very close to originals.