Data Integration and The Jobs It Creates

Companies are increasingly reliant on computers, people and public services record all their data on massive servers and access the information as and when they need it. However, this data must be integrated with the right software to allow the information to be accessed, searches performed and profiles monitored. The more reliant on technology the world becomes the greater the need for this integration and the more challenging it becomes. This dependence on integration is further increased as companies merge and share information; just as there has become an increased reliance on reports and surveys which compile information from a variety of sources.

Data integration has become a specialist field within the computer programming sector, without it many of the current software applications would simply not work effectively; it would be time consuming and costly to manually piece together the information needed to complete many transactions.

Each of the data integration applications has their own platform, other programs are able to run on these platforms and link to the platform. This then allows the underlying program to extract the necessary data from each of the software applications and create a useable record which presents all the known facts for a given subject. There are a huge amount of these platforms on the market and it is usually advisable to speak to a specialist supplier, such as, before deciding which application is right for your needs. Data Integration has opened a wide range of jobs, some of which can be access by anyone:

Technological Advancements

The world of computers does not stand still and there are constant improvements in the available products. Presently, InterSystems Ensemble is the only application integration platform available which will seamlessly integrate application and data servers. As a market leader there are always Ensemble jobs available and it is an excellent example of how data integration creates jobs. This is often an excellent starting point for anyone looking to work within the data integration industry. An Ensemble job will give them the basic knowledge they need to work in a wide variety of fields; it can lead to bigger and better things in either the same field or another!


Just as computer programmers are essential to enable the data integration software to work, operators are needed to use the software and extract the relevant information for the company in question. An operator will not need the in-depth knowledge, training or qualification of a programmer; but, they will need to understand the information they wish to extract and the best method of doing so. This is generally possible through on the job training, although some, more complex systems may require a dedicated course to fully understand the program.


As with almost any new development, new software needs to be rigorously tested, software errors need to be identified and corrected whilst the developers need to confirm the program is capable of delivering the desired result. A tester will usually have some knowledge of computer programming and certainly a good understanding of computers. They will need to note the problems and possible make suggestions on how to improve the application; knowledge of computer systems will make this role much easier to achieve.

Sales People

Almost every industry on the planet requires sales people; even in the digital age where businesses can build huge customer bases through the use of social media. A specialist product, such as a data integration software package require a more personal touch when being sold to businesses around the world. Sales people need to be trained in how to use the product and to be able to understand and explain the basic concepts behind the product. Ideally they should also know what modifications are feasible and be able to advise a perspective customer regarding the best product for their needs. Generally, this role will require someone with a good understanding and basic knowledge of computers and programming, and an upbeat personality to build rapport with new customers.

Support and Admin Staff

The more customers a business gets for its data integration packages, the more staff it will need to deal with any support calls. These staff will need to direct the appropriate personnel to contact or visit the customer and resolve the issue. Support staff will need to have an understanding of how the platform works to ensure they can accurately report the problem to the right member of staff; they will also need to be people friendly and be able to talk calmly with customers who may be fraught, or even aggressive.

As the company increases the number of staff on its books it will need to increase the level of admin staff employed to deal with the higher level of staff. This may be for monitoring sickness, overtime, training, or could be to ensure bills are sent out to customers in a timely manner. The bigger the customer base becomes, the more staff which need to be looked after. This is an essential part of any business as recruiting new staff, particularly specialist ones is a costly business.


Inevitably, many companies will choose to look at a cheaper support package and may look at small firms or even self-employed consultants to provide the support they need. Data integration is, thus, providing work for someone who may have previously specialized in general computer maintenance. If the consultant is prepared to learn the necessary procedures, which will probably involve many hours of self-study, then there is a possibility to earn a decent living by advertising a specialist consulting business. These types of roles are usually created by existing software maintenance people who are asked to advise and assist with a new product.

No matter what your current level of expertise it is possible to obtain a job within the world of data integration; it is responsible for a huge amount of job creation. Its ability to automate processes, and store large amounts of data, is also responsible for the loss of many low level operator jobs. Data integration is something that is part of both computers and the business world and will be for the foreseeable future, it is an exciting field with a variety of opportunities. Perhaps it is time to embrace the change and see what new horizons are possible.