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Dillii dwellers are high on fitness!!

The capital city echoes with the enthusiasm of people from literature, art, politics, business, social activists, music, dance & drama every day. Opportunities are in abundance & so is talent and so is the competition. It is that one moment of time which decides whether you are in or out! Talent is inborn, but whether one is able to deliver it at that moment, depends on a lot of factors. A healthy body &a calm mind are the most essential requirement for success. Our ancient traditional scriptures &vedas stress immensely on eating right, doing yoga, meditation & exercise & leading a disciplined lifestyle. Those are regarded as the most vital components for leading a healthy & happy life & going deep within oneself on a spiritual quest. Not only does our mind become sharp & agile with these practices, we also develop our intuitive ability which guides us all the time, enabling us to take right decisions.

These practises also keep us away from all the wrong habits of drugs, drinking & smoking. The very urge for them dies out & one feels no attraction towards it. Thousands of parents are worried for their children; even teenagers are indulging into such practices & ruining their health at such a young age. It is like one is stealthily killing themselves. You are spoiling the most precious gift given to you by the creator-your own body!!

Are we really taking enough care of ourselves, is a question we ought to ask ourselves, every day!! With huge targets at workplaces, hectic travel schedules, family chores & other commitments we forget ourselves & get lost in this outer world working in a monotonous, robotic way. Are we giving enough rest to our system, our we eating the right quality of food & at the right time, are we exercising, doing yoga, meditating, going deep within ourselves, our we spending enough time with our loved ones, are we getting time to gaze at the wonderful stars, are we getting time to feel the breeze, are we getting time to just be with our own selves?? These are few things we all ought to ponder upon. Work will remain, but we are missing out on all the above, we are really not living.

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