Wedding Bells At Home: A Venue Like No Other

The feeling of getting ready for the wedding in the same room in which you grew from a baby to a teenager and then a to be bride or groom is unparalleled. However, it is not a cakewalk to hold a wedding ceremony at home. Read what follows to find out what all you require to say ‘I Do’ in your backyard.

It may not be a cakewalk, but it is also no rocket science to plan and execute a successful wedding. If you have some brains and the will to make the special day of your life (or your child’s life) memorable these tips might help you in the process.

Start Early

You can commence the planning and preparation for the wedding at least six months in advance to make sure the timely arrangement. Shortlist catering companies and make the guest list. It is your guest list that influence your strategies. Calculating the required number of chairs and the place where you can fit them in your house is crucial for a home wedding.


Analyse your house from the point of view of a wedding destination and think about all that you expect from a wedding party. An outsider’s view of your house can be different and also helpful. A wedding planner can be considered or at least consulted to get an outline as to where the setups for different purposes can be made. The planner may be hired to look after every part of the arrangement to reduce your burden.

Favor from the Neighbour

Irrespective of the chemistry you share with your neighbours, there is no doubt that your neighbours can be your white knight at your wedding night. Neighbour’s support means a great deal in a wedding that has home as the venue. They can fill in for the additional workforce, or may allow your guests to use their rooms to get ready and park their vehicles near their houses. A permit may be required to party in the residential area that may also need the consent of your neighbours. So, you may invite them if not personally then purposely.

Decoration Desires

Wedding Bells At Home: A Venue Like No Other

Decoration can bring down or raise the cost of your wedding. It depends on you if you want to make decorations a necessity or a compulsion. The two words nearly mean the same thing. Obviously decorations are an important part of the celebrations but there is a fine line between the required decorations and the unnecessary flowers and petals stuck at every corner of your home and backyard. Plan your decorations and arrange flowers from your backyard if possible.

Backup Plan

Maintain a backup plan while planning for the wedding. Make a combination of the indoor and outdoor arrangements so that, if the rain decides to shower its blessings on your wedding you have the arrangement to carry on the wedding ceremony and celebrations.

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