Home Care And Security: Automatic Gate Opener

Security is a top priority for everyone to enjoy life. It becomes crucial to ensure that the gates of the house are keeping it safe and keep in mind the comfort of operating. Installing Automatic Gate Opener can answer all your queries.

Why Buy it?

  • Automatic gate openers are being extensively used everywhere in the surroundings.
  • Households opt for the product because of the comfort and safety. The ease of operating these gates tempts to be given a thought for installation.
  • Companies manufacturing the product are aware of the needs of the household and leave no stone unturned to satisfy all the needs.

Smooth Functions

These gates are operated by automatic lock and unlock feature. Hence, there are rarely any issues of the mechanical working. The automatic action adds to the leisure factor making the functioning a luxury experience.


  • The fast paced life leaves little time for self. Leaving the doors of the garage in a hurry is a common problem. Even incidences like leaving the house without locking the doors are casual mistakes that do not and end well if a burglar is around.
  • Even locked doors of the garage and home are pickable for expert thieves. Automatic doors have an advanced alarm system, which makes a sound when the doors are left open, not properly closed or in the case or a burglar tries to pick the lock.
  • Hence alerting the owner to take necessary steps.

Easy to Use

  • Extending the ease that this product provides, they are simple and easy to operate. Opening the heavy metal gates takes a considerable amount of energy. Moreover, require muscle strength in its operation.
  • The conventional manually operated gates can prove to be a tough job if the visits get frequent. Automatic gate opener provides the strength to open these gates in one button.

Managing the operations of these gates becomes an enjoyable experience.

Types Automatic Gates Opener

  1. Automatic Sliding Gate Opener
  1. Automatic Swing Gate Opener
  1. Automatic Dual Gate Opener
  1. Automatic Sliding Gate Opener
  • This serves a variety of role and finds utilization popularly in fence gates and driveway fence gates.
  • These are easy to install gates and are one of the latest product in the segment of automatically operated doors.
  • Operate them sitting in the car. Keypad openers and phone entry systems are some key features.
  • Sliding gate openers enhances the security and adds value to the property. Operated on both battery and by a motor.
  1. Automatic Swing Gate Opener
  • Automatic swing gate openers find use in small as well as larger areas.
  • Operated by a swing arm and opens inwards as well as outwards. More effective security and enhanced working are some key features.
  • Its economical prices make them stand out in the Automatic gate openers.
  • Provides a traditional outlook to the infrastructure of the home or office. In case of power cut, this gate opener works on the backup battery. Works on both battery and motor.
  1. Automatic Dual Gate Openers
  • The most widely used and operated in the Automatic Gate opener segment.
  • The product defines the use of the word Dual to the best. Dual operators, control boards, transmitter, photocells, receivers, making it a complete package. It requires minimum space.
  • Comes with the single interface for master and slave applications. Though they are expensive than others but give an elegant look than other gate openers.

Caution: Installing Automatic Gate Openers may require professional guidance. Take the necessary precaution to ensure safety.

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