5 Facts You Should Know About Hair Breakage

We all suffer from hair breakage at some point of our lives and if we don’t take it seriously then we could lose substantial hair making us appear bald. If you think as how to stop hair breakage then we are here to help you know certain facts about hair breakage.

5 Facts You Should Know About Hair Breakage

It’s a Natural Phenomenon:

Many of us panic when hair breakage occurs but let us tell you that hair breaks all the time and is natural while on the other hand excessive hair breakage must be tended too. It is believed that losing around 100 strands per day is normal; breakage is a hair condition that’s easily manageable.

You don’t Leave your Hairs Alone:

Many people have a habit to continuously touch their hairs, some may pull it while some may tug their hair which can lead to stress, which eventually lead to hair fall. So if you want to know how to stop hair breakages then stop playing with your hair.

The Technology’s Side Effect:

We all rely on hair dryers many times but some people tend to overdo it leading to hair breakage. Excess heat damages your hair more than its benefits. Heat tends to dry out the strands of hairs and initiate breakage, too. You should try lowering the temperature levels of the dryer or flat iron and are advised to use a heat protectant. The better solution is skipping the heat treatment for styling altogether.

Watch Your Protein Intake:

Our hair needs certain ingredients to stay strong which includes protein. Protein tends to healing of the hair strands as they repair the weak portions of the shaft of hair thus absolutely stopping hair breakage. The thing to note here one should not consume excessive protein as in excess they tend to make hair brittle.

Too Much Chemicals:

Many of us like to apply hair colour and use hair sprays and gel to style our hair, but you should know that chemicals harm our hair critically which could result in hair breakage and split ends. The chemicals tend to make our hair brittle in nature and also remove the moisture from it, thus making the condition favorable for hair loss due to breakage. You should always go for natural ways to change your hairs color and if you have to use chemical color then make sure to add a hair moisturizer in the regimen.

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