Comparing The Honda 2015 Accord To The Honda 2016 Accord

For those that were interested in perhaps purchasing a 2015 Honda Accord and didn’t get the chance they may now be looking at the 2016 version. While doing this they may want to know what the differences are between these two vehicles, and what updates if any have taken place for the 2016 model. Those that check out this information are not going to be disappointed. There is no doubt that if you pay a visit to Honda Lemon Grove you are going to get even more impressive details about the Honda 2016 Accord.

The first thing to take note of is that this newest Accord has had a great number of improvements done in regards to the redesign of the front fascia which is in the rear bumper. Something else that will be noted is that the 2016 model has a new grill as well as taillights and headlights. Putting these two vehicles side by side will definitely show the viewer the major and very impressive differences. When talking about the redesign it is also applicable not only to the sedan but the 2016 Accord Coupe as well.

What many of those that are interested in this vehicle are saying is that they feel that these new updates have given the vehicle a much classier look with a sporty touch to it. In addition to all of these wonderful additions, is a update to the interior in respect to the upholstery. The vehicle is also available in a new range of spectacular colours applicable to both the inside and outside. One of the most popular colours is the lunar silver metallic. This is a fantastic colour and one that was not available for the 2015 models.

In the past the Honda Sensing Suite was not available for all of the Accord models, but this has changed for the 2016. They can be added on to the trim levels of the Accord.

The 2016 Honda Accord lacks nothing when it comes to performance, durability, quality, and safety. If you are really into the high tech features, then you want to take a look at the Accord Touring Sedan model as this comes up with parking sensors and wireless charging. To check out the many great vehicles that Honda has to offer then pay a visit to

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