All You Need Is A Pair Of Jeans, Dental Floss And A Clean Shirt

There can be all kinds of reasons as to why you might need to make a quick getaway. Perhaps there is a flood or an earthquake that you need to escape from. Maybe your friend has announced he is eloping in Las Vegas and wants you to join the party but you need to leave in five minutes. Perhaps you should not have borrowed that money from the guy with the crooked nose to bet on the football game without having a way to pay it back if you lost (stupid two-point conversions!). Whatever the reasons may be, there are a few essential items that you may want to keep packed in a duffle bag so that you can make a fast getaway whenever the situation calls for it.

• Get Your ID – Any getaway bag is going to involve you having some type of ID in it so that you can getaway easily, and far if necessary. You want to make sure you have your driver’s license, passport, birth certificate, Social Security Card or any other form of identification that you can use for nearly any situation. Of course, if you are running from gangsters, having access to false ID may come in handy at this point as well.

• Cash – Have a stash of emergency cash available so at the very least you have enough to stay at a hotel, get gas for your car, buy food, use the vending machine, get a bus ticket or whatever it is that you need to do. Assume, in an emergency situation, that ATM machines may not be usable, accessible or just not around. Credit cards are handy as well, as long as they can be used, but again if you are running from gangsters they can track you through credit card use. Stick to the cash if you can.

All You Need Is A Pair Of Jeans, Dental Floss And A Clean Shirt

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• Keys – You want to make sure that any important keys are going to be with you and not left behind. Take your car keys, house keys, keys to your storage locker, safe deposit box or anything else that is useful and important to you so that you can get access if you need to. You probably can leave your old bicycle lock key at home.

• Have the Bag Ready – It is important that you have everything packed in your bag and in a spot where you can grab it quickly and go. Put it on the top shelf of your closet, try not to label it in anyway so anyone else might look in it, have a change or two of clothes in it and some toiletries and you are ready to go.

All You Need Is A Pair Of Jeans, Dental Floss And A Clean Shirt

You never know if you will have an occasion to actually use your emergency getaway bag but at least you will be ready for anything if the situation ever does arise. As long as you have your bag ready to go at a moment’s notice, it never hurts to be prepared in terms of your vehicle as well. If you do not think your car could make it through a natural disaster or outrun mobsters, you should look at some of the options available to you at Nissan Chino Hills dealership. You will find new and used cars and trucks that could be perfect for you to getaway in at so you can disappear quickly.

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