Lip Smacking Recipes To Prepare This Diwali!

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Win everyone’s heart and lay an unforgettable impression with these mouth-watering recipes!

Kaju Katli

I always remembered jumping with joy when I found out that either my parents have brought it for me or some guests gifted a box of these. It hardly took me just 2-3 days to gulp down the whole box. Kaju katli is top favourite of many people and what better way to lighten up their smiles by serving them the home made version of these. You need ingredients such as saffron, cashew nuts, sugar, cardamom powder and sheets of silver varq. The recipe belongs to Ajay Chopra. These sweets require a time of around 35 minutes for their preparation. You can find the full recipe on food blog of NDTV.

Lip Smacking Recipes To Prepare This Diwali!

Namak Pare

It can be an outburst of sweetness in mouth after some time when you are bombarded with sweets from everywhere. Alter your taste by relishing homemade namak pare. Just so you know, they are extremely easy to make. You just need a little patience. You will only require an hour or so to make them with ingredients like wheat flour, white flour, carom seeds, jeera, black pepper, baking soda, oil and more. Browse through the full ingredients list and entire instructions on “vegrecipesofIndia” website which is a home to many more interesting recipes. And if you don’t feel like cooking, just order yummy pizzas for yourself online at discounted rates by making use of Dominos coupons present on Let Diwali and savings walk in hand in hand for you!

Lip Smacking Recipes To Prepare This Diwali!

Coconut Til Ladoo

Are you the type of person who like sweets but without an overdose of sugariness in them? You need something in sweets to balance their sugary content. If you are of this sort, then this recipe should be perfect for you. You can consume coconut til ladoos without having to worry about for putting too many calories. These require only 3 ingredients for their preparation i.e. coconut, sesame seeds and dates. They hardly take 25 minutes. This delicious recipe has been given by Sandeep Pande who is the executive chef of Renaissance Mumbai convention centre hotel. Head over to food blog of ndtv to go through the entire recipe and other instructions.

Lip Smacking Recipes To Prepare This Diwali!

Dahi Papdi Chaat

I remember how boring it used to get when I used to accompany my mom to some houses during this festive season and my taste buds were tortured with an overdose of sweetness. Some sane ones used to serve papdi chaats which I absolutely relished. To begin with, they taste awesome! Then they take only some minutes to get prepared which makes it a brilliant recipe for sudden guests. You can add and minus the ingredients according to your own taste and preferences. The most famous dahi papdi chaat recipe is by Sanjeev Kapoor! Check it out and eat restaurant style food at home itself! And if you don’t get time to make it, get restaurant food delivered to your home right at your door step by availing Foodpanda coupons present on which will fetch you heavenly deals.

Lip Smacking Recipes To Prepare This Diwali!

Veg Spring Rolls

If you want to dish out something which stands out and fetches you numerous compliments, say hello to veg spring rolls! With so many ingredinets involved and tough looks, you might think that you would need to spend an eternity in kitchen for their preparation. However you are wrong! They hardly take 30 minutes!

Lip Smacking Recipes To Prepare This Diwali!

The entire recipe and list of ingredients can be found on the popular food website i.e. tarladalal. She says that to get the best flavours out of the dish, serve it with Schezuan sauce. This Chinese dish will surely leave you asking for more.

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