Four Factors To Consider When Choosing Your Domain Name

November 6, 2015 Tech & Web Dev No Comments

Choosing your domain name is a major endeavor. Although you might be tempted to invest in the first domain that sounds good to you, this decision requires a considerable amount of thought. You want an option that will make your business easy to remember and find. You also want a domain that will simplify your future branding efforts. Following are four, key factors to consider before finalizing your purchase decision.

List The Top Five Search Terms

It is important to consider the terms that people will be using to look for the services or products you supply. Choosing a domain name that is identical to the search terms consumers will be typing into search engines can limit the time that it takes for your site to attain placement on the first page of search results. Moreover, it will also ensure that your domain is easy for visitors to remember.

Your Domain Name Must Be Unique

Although targeting key search terms can simplify SEO, it is still important to choose a domain that sets you apart from other businesses. Many companies are tempted to capitalize on the success of existing organizations by purchasing domains that are very similar to theirs. This is a major mistake, especially if you’re hoping to establish a strong, recognizable brand that consumers can actually connect with and foster long-term relationships with. It is also important to think about how you will protect your own domain name from businesses that want to piggyback on your current or future success. Domain name suppliers like Network Solutions have special services for preventing domain name copycats. They’ll help you choose an original domain name and ensure that the unique qualities of this domain are only associated with your brand.

Price Should Not Be Your Sole Point Of Consideration

Avoid choosing domain names based on their cost alone. When it comes time to invest in your business, your domain name should be a top priority. While companies will pay more for premium domain names, they’ll ultimately get far better returns. A name that is simple, easy to relate to your business and easy to remember is guaranteed to garner more traffic and repeat traffic than one that it is not.

Think About What Your Domain Name Conveys

A lot of the top companies throughout the world are paying veritable fortunes for domain names that are only loosely associated with the services and products that they sell. It is important to remember, however, that these entities have much deeper pockets for their marketing and branding efforts. When you’er just getting a new company started and have limited money to spend, you want your domain to be straightforward and self-explanatory. People should know exactly who you are and what you do as soon as they see your domain name. Efforts to use quirky or creative domains that are not backed by high-end marketing and branding campaigns often fall short.

Selecting the right domain name for your business will increase your ability to attract lots of traffic from informed, qualified prospects. More importantly, a good domain is virtually guaranteed to provide optimal returns on your investment, irrespective of its cost. This is why it pays to spend time researching potential search terms and learning more about the mindset of your market, rather than simply buying the cheapest domain that you can find.

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