4 Super Foods That Boosts Metabolism

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4 Super Foods That Boosts Metabolism

As there are no short-cuts in weight loss world, you can take some steps to speed up your metabolism. Getting enough of sleep and exercising regularly are best. But, here is a list of foods that help you to boost your metabolism, therefore adding these super foods to your daily meal may give an extra edge to your weight loss efforts. Think of them as support mechanisms on your pathway towards being fit, as a diet which keeps the pounds off needs sustained exercises and other similar efforts.

4 Super Foods That Boosts Metabolism

Jalapeno, Cayenne, Habanero and other Hot Peppers

Hot peppers such as Habanero, Jalapeno, Cayenne and other types of spicy peppers directly speed up circulation and metabolism. Indeed, eating hot peppers not just boosts up metabolism, but it also reduce your cravings. This is linked to capsaicin content contained by hot peppers, compound that directly stimulates body’s temporarily increasing blood circulation, pain receptors, and metabolic rate as well. If you have ever noticed a session of intense sweating right after eating hot tamale, this should not be surprising. In fact, the studies have proven that eating hot peppers can really boost the body metabolism by up to 25 percent of more, and this spike may last for 3 hours.

Oat Meal, Brown rice and Other Whole Grains

Whole grains are jam pack of nutrients as well as complex carbs that are famous for boosting metabolism by stabilizing insulin levels. Slow releasing carbs, like brown rice, oatmeal, and quinoa offer a long lasting energy, with no spikes that are associated with other sugar-rich sources. We need to keep our insulin levels as low as possible, as the spikes in this chemical informs the body that it requires to start to store extra fat.


John Barban, author of Venus Factor Review says, Broccoli is high in calcium and a popular weight-reducer. It is also extremely high in vitamins K, C, and A as well. Single serving of broccoli can also provide you with ample of dietary fiber and folate, as well as a wide range of antioxidants. It is also a best detox source that you can add to your daily diet.


A study on soups at Penn State University shown that such liquid goodness provide an appetite reducing recipe of solids and liquids that reduced the intake of excessive foods, boosts metabolism and burn fat. In that study, females chose 1 of 3, 270-calorie snacks before their lunch.

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