How Potential Customers Through Search Engines To Find Your Door

In Baidu, a daily average of about 228 million times the animal husbandry and fisheries information search about 355 million times the construction and renovation of class information search about 695 million times Mechanical device class information search about 127 million times on tour and ticket class information search about 1343 million times a business service class information search about 2807 million times Books and Music class information search
Baidu is the largest Chinese search engine, accounting for over 80 percent of the Chinese search market share, more than five million Chinese Internet users have become accustomed to in When there is a demand, “Baidu,”!

Baidu PPC  – to create a “demand marketing” new model

Pay online marketing services, with the Chinese search engine Baidu 87% market share and 600,000 affiliate sites, links to hundreds of millions of Internet users and to create a platform for enterprise needs, so there is a demand for people easily find their own products and services , but also allow enterprises to use a small amount of investment can get a lot of potential customers, effectively enhance the corporate brand influence.

  1. When your company involved in the Baidu to promote business, then we can pass on Baidu made 250 million visits a day to build up the business trading platform, your intention of customers searching for products or services you submit a keyword, the first time will be able to find your website, to your company to play telephone consultation, generating orders, companies get more and more customers, greater market share. If your business is not marketing, customer churn your intention to your colleagues there. Share market is limited, the market competition is very intense, if not the customer, the business will be more and more difficult, I do not want your business to the point of struggling.
  2. Your business do Baidu adwords, the convenience of your intention to customers looking for your company’s products, so that all regions of the country there is a demand of customers in the shortest possible time to find your company. No matter what time, what place, you can find his needs. For your business’s influence is enormous. If your business makes search marketing, your business will be restricted geographical and space, can not make the field of customer convenience to find your business, then your company’s products can not be sold to various regions of the country.
  3. Your business do Baidu adwords, it is equivalent to your peers to advertise your company, Baidu’s search promotion model is permission-based advertising, the needs of customers will go to find. If your business makes search marketing, that is to advertise your peers, pre magazine ads, outdoor advertising, TV advertising, sales of home visits and so is your company’s products to launch to go, but not by means of a license type of advertising to give back. Which you may spend a lot of effort to open up the market, the harvest is your peers do to promote Baidu search advertising product for your business needs of customers through the Baidu have found your peers there.
  4. Your business done Baidu’s search promotion, there is a demand for the initiative to find customers for your business, allowing you to take the initiative in a position to choose a profitable customer. If the business makes search marketing, only passive to seek your customers, so that the position of the development of enterprises at a disadvantage, whether or not profitable customers, that is thyself over, it is helpless to do, and not conducive to turnover, while enterprises can not make money, and missed opportunities profitable customers.
  5. Your business do Baidu adwords, will help enhance your company’s brand awareness and transparency. Let your company’s old customers to become crucial force for enterprise development, greater reliance on your product. New customers to your business to inject fresh blood. So that enterprises in a virtuous cycle. If your business makes search marketing, your customers can not find on the Internet to you, and your product is irreplaceable, then your customers will gradually have to flow into your peers there. Natural new customers can not replenish the words, the business will be caught in a vicious cycle.
  6. Your business do Baidu adwords, make your company’s advertising costs, costs can be controlled, inputs and outputs are also envisioned, to do promotion in Baidu is a highest ROI advertising model. You can see the advertising costs in your business and how much money, how much to give the needs of customers. You can control the budget and marketing efforts made by your company. If the business makes search marketing, even if your business is doing other ads, you can not count your ad which is spent on the needs of customers, can not count there are more than customers see your ads. Your business will not be able to judge accurately the market.
  7. Your business done Baidu adwords, off-season so that those companies dispersion needs of customers find your purchase your company’s products, so that your business in the off-season is not short, so that bottlenecks season into the season, and during the peak season but also reserve a large number of potential customers. If your business makes search marketing, perhaps too few customers off-season season and very intense competition in the industry, resulting in lean situation.
  8. Your business do Baidu adwords, then the statistics report is equivalent to a Baidu search market research report. When you open up a new market, Baidu search promotion will be the first time for you to provide accurate investment guidance, because the data from Baidu will clear the statistics that your product box office, which demand in the region. These data are from the huge Internet users to access statistics, very precise. If your business is not to search for the promotion, will lose this opportunity, make your investment more passive, lost opportunities, understand industry direction. That without knowing your product in the market demand, went blindly inventory, backlog intangibles on many products, but also take up too much money, then, did not sell out, causing tension of funds, causing severe your company’s capital chain rupture.
  9. Your business do Baidu adwords, you can fair competition with large and small peer companies on the same platform for your business and products in the market activity increases. If your business makes search marketing, your customers such a large platform in Baidu can not find your company, your company will be on the viability of uncertainty. To trust your company and to your company’s products, dependence will decline.
  10. Your business do Baidu adwords, you can get the customer feedback information through this platform Baidu provides you may have to make your own products there is to know a macro, you can phase out unsalable products, greater efforts to develop delivery hot products, so as to achieve the purpose of the integration of resources, make your profits substantial increase in the proportion of output. If your business makes search marketing, your company can not get the latest feedback from clients. Of the product can not make timely adjustments, when you have peers are doing in the development of the current best-selling products, you still sell your old product and troubles. Can not be looking for opportunities to live, then the competitiveness of the market decline on the intangibles.

Exhibiting Form – precise docking demand, promote information significant to show

when the business promotion information is highly consistent with the needs of users, in the Baidu search results page to show three forms

In the form of a: Left “Baidu to promote links” position

In the form of two: the right of “Baidu to promote links” position

Promotion of the information present position

to promote the message of where the quality of the bids and by joint decision. High-quality, highly consistent with the needs of Internet users search results promotion, priority will be displayed on the left page, the rest of the results will be displayed in the right sequence and page after page. Baidu adwords of professional customer service team will provide you with full professional caring service, to help you improve the quality of, get the best promotion. (Schematic only extended form of the figure, the actual search results, please to present the search results page to show the date)

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