Offline or Online Marketing- How Will You Make A Choice?

Online marketing isn’t new for small business if we consider that fact anymore. To talk on a broader side, it is quite the opposite. It is going on for a long time, and it seems there is no end to it now. Despite knowing the fact that online marketing is important for businesses growth, many small business owners neglect this simple fact. If we count upon the reasons for their neglecting attitude, it seems it is time, next money and another is that they don’t bother. The truth is, consumers do care and to be relevant in this crowded marketplace, moving online is important.

10 years ago it could have been a choice to jump into this online rat race, but now it is a necessity if you want to survive in this competitive world. Almost everyone now search for a brand, product and the services online. Moving online is nothing but having a search optimized site that is responsive on all the devices. It definitely should be engaging and must be active on the social media sites.

You may think that opting marketing strategies, having a website that is search optimized on social media that even has very engaging content may increase your workload. But, Hey, the reality is it is the easiest task of all to bring the small business in the limelight.

Automated solutions in the marketing help in getting all the updates and consistency that is tracked on social media or any strategies used online.

Offline or Online Marketing- How will you Make a Choice?

Many business owners who do not sell any product online, complain that they do not have enough time in their busy day to do it at all and so, they shove online marketing aside. Unfortunately, customers don’t make decisions this way. They don’t just go online to buy something. They even go online to check whether the product they are willing to but is worth investing is, or where is it available, where to buy it from, which store will give you the maximum discounts? If you keep this in mind you will know and understand the importance of being online. It leverages multiple avenues to make their business visible before the customers.

Every one in four are making an online purchase, 70% of the people are on facebook getting updates about the latest brand launched, there are unnumbered reasons for you to let your business go online. It will let you connect with your customers.

One thing you should look before selling online is who you are partnering with. Is your partner offering you the best products, services and the solutions to customers issues(if any)? Remember maintaining your reputation is very important as O’ Malley said, “what used to take wheels to set up now takes only minutes to destroy.”  Minutes that’s all that it takes to destroy the reputation of your brand if it is not publicized systematically.

The only reason you need to be online is this is a growing competitive world, and the consumers may have a lot of options available and so it can be very difficult to let them know that you as a business owner exist. The best way to reach them is to be where they spend most of their time- “Online.”

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