Mechanics Liens For Real Estate- An Overview

Mechanics liens are a security interest to the title of a property and it is used by individuals that have supplied materials or labor to the owner of the premises for its improvement. This kind of lien can be opted for both personal property and real estate or real property. In the league of real estate, this lien is popularly known by different names. It may be called a supplier’s lien or a material man’s lien especially when materials are supplied for the property. Other names are the laborer’s lien or design professional’s lien for architects that contribute to the improvement of the personal property. There are qualified mechanics lien experts available at help you understand and file the appropriate one for your needs in the real estate industry.

Understanding Mechanics Lien

The word “lien” is a French word which means “liaison” or “link”. It has a very old origin and has been present in the USA since many years.

Mechanics Liens are those liens that are resorted to by mechanics and handymen. They are severe in nature and they can be imposed when the professional works on the property and the owner does not pay him. Here, the mechanic or the handyman places a lien on the house or the property on which he works on. The buyer to the title of the property needs to pay the mechanic or the handyman off first before the seller gets the difference in the sales proceeds when the property is sold.

It is important for you to file a mechanics lien if you are involved in the real estate industry and are a contractor, engineer, gardener, electrical supplier, supplier of pipes or any professional who has improved or changed the premises worked on to improve its value. In order to file a mechanics lien, you must have a license in the specific domain of expertise. Specialists at help you understand the filing and documentation process in case of confusion and doubts.

You can file a mechanics lien in the USA but before that you must be aware of specific things like the materials supplied to the property, service date, the agreed contract amount, permits or the additional parties involved in the contract, job site address and more. In short, you need specific details to get the lien processed quickly. The more information you have the better.

You need to submit an application to file a mechanics lien. The good news is you can also file a lien online and submit the required documents. This process saves you time and you do not have to go down to a physical office for the mechanics lien to be filed. Online sources will guide you step- by- step. The required documents need to be submitted along with your application. Mechanics lien specialists will double check the documents and submit your application to the concerned authority. Liens can also be amended or extended. To know more about mechanics liens for real estate and qualified experts to help you file them without hassles, please visit