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The Introduction and Benefits Of PHP Scripts

The content is king hope so you heard this many times, and no doubts about this. Here, also one thing to know that  as much as site content is important, the PHP scripts play strong pillar roll to bring a lot of useful interaction between your site content and your visitors.

The user interaction is must for site success, in other words the more interactive sites is, the more visitors want to stay, so why not try to a script, either paid or freely available online for download, the PHP Script, Business Directory script, word press script, and send mail script are popular among the developers.

PHP Introduction

PHP, the short form of Hypertext Preprocessor or the earlier called, Personal Home Page, developed in 1994 by the Rasmus Lerdorf, but was officially launched in 1995. It is an HTML-embedded, server-side scripting language originally designed for the make web development, it enables developers to make the site user friendly and open site for user interaction.

PHP also can be used as a programming language for general-purpose programming. A PHP files have the extension.PHP, .php3, or latest .Phtml, can consist of texts, HTML tags and scripts. Generally use for creating a Login page, Form design, Forum, or the dynamic and static website design. However, strongly used for developing dynamic website.

Easy to Use and Learn

This script language adopted from the PERL (Practical Extraction and Report Language) and the syntax adopted from the machine language “C”. The deal with the variable types and values makes it easy and soft language for developers

Key Features of PHP

PHP Advantages List

Easy to learn: PHP has a very easy and understandable syntax. Its codes are based on C, C++ and embedded with HTML so it is very easy to learn for a programmer.

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