What Advice Can We Take From Truly Fantastic Essay Writers

Before you pass your essays off to the closest essay writing services, here is a little advice in the form of anecdotes from the unsung heroes of the essay-writing world. These are just ordinary people that happen to be great at essay writing, and here is how they did it.

Barry Norton Was an Essay-Writing Superhero

Most students that came across Barry didn’t like him because he had a habit of boasting a lot. One of his frequent topics of celebratory boasting included his essays. He boasted about nailing them and slaying them in the same way the other boys boasted about sleeping with women. He had even been seen in the library on the computers and punching the air at the great point he just made.

What was more curious was the serious case of “chicken and egg” that arose. He told everybody that he was a fantastic essay writer by way of his boasts, and people began to know him as an excellent essay writer, including his professor, and true to fashion, Barry would score highly whenever a paper was issued. Was he great at writing them beforehand, or was his positive propaganda actually influencing the way his work was viewed by others.

Barry spread a lot of positive propaganda about his writing efforts and he clearly enjoyed writing, and you should do the same.

Lucy Belle Took Her Inspiration from a King

Petite and timidly sexy Lucy took her inspiration from a king, Stephen King that is. She heard that he writes ten pages per day no matter what day it is. Even on Christmas day, he bashes out ten pages before running downstairs to open his presents.

She was particularly moved by his works when she realized he is such a firm believer in god and that many of his books mirror bible stories and/or are taken from the bible, such as the bugs in the mist, the angel tortured by suffering in the green mile, and the links between Andy Dufresne and the story of Jesus is unmistakable (Get busy livin’ or get busy dyin’).

Lucy used to work on her essays in an almost religious fashion where she started and 8pm and ended at 9:30pm every night, and it really worked for her as it may work for you.

Eddie From EssayHolic Treats Writing Like An Investment

Middle-aged Eddie worked in the financial sector for years before joining the review essay services at Essayholic.com, and his money-centric mindset has helped him become a very highly respected member of the team.

He treats every essay project like an investment. It is almost as if he has a subconscious bank in his head, and in it he invests an essay that pays interest that includes money (because he doesn’t work for free), more knowledge, better writing skills and a faster essay turnaround for the future.

You should look at your essay-writing efforts as an investment in yourself. Think of them in terms of all the benefits they will bestow with regards to your present, your future, and your skills.

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