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Is There Any Benefit of Private Cloud Hosting On Dedicated Servers?

There area handful of private cloud hosting companies that have started providing all kinds of hosting solutions, right from dedicated server hosting, web hosting, to dedicated private cloud hosting services. These companies provide dedicated private cloud solutions for its larger clients.In fact, there are multiple advantages of private cloud hosting solutions and they are:

Benefit 1: Enhanced Control as well as Management

To understand how a client will get enhanced control on this kind of server, it is important to know how this hosting solution actually works. When we talk about dedicated private cloud we essentially mean existence of cloud on physical hardware exclusively. Therefore, unlike usual cloud computing solutions, you will find exclusive dedication of computing resources to specific clients. In traditional cloud environment, computing resources are generally shared.

When it is dedicated private cloud, a client gets exclusive access to admin or root so that his company gets complete control over the management as well as provisioning of the resources. A company’s IT team can concentrate in other works as the hosting environment is now maintained and upgraded by the hosting provider itself. Simple tenant infrastructure is followed in a dedicated private cloud hostingformat, which includes availability of storage, servers, networking, and power, all accessed from a cloud stack.
Experienced engineers of the hosting service provider installs, configures, manages, and monitors all the resources and associated dedicated cloud services round the clock. In fact, maintenance, monitoring, and patching of services are also taken care of by the hosting provider itself.

Benefit 2: Optimized Customization

Dedicated private cloud can be accessed by anything that involves co-lo or self-run public cloud.Usually this service comes with pre-installed applications. Some of the applications you will find here include personalized line-of-business apps, ability to run different kinds of operating systems, virtual machines, and applications at atime, apps as well as data having requirement of high security as well as compliance, apps requiring enhanced controllability, functions based on clouds (where large tracts of investments have been done by a business entity), and most importantly mission critical work loads (and also applications).

Benefit 3: Security as well as Uptime

A business entity can establish its own security as well as compliance standards in dedicated private cloud hosting environment because of the sole dedication of hosting resources to that business itself. That’s why enforcement as well as measurability ispossible here. Users will get physically isolated network, storage layers, and computing in this form of hosting because of the availability of single tenant environment. Here, dedicated physical server is not shared or accessed by anyone else.

Because the private cloud server is dedicated in nature,uptime standards are far better. In fact, more and more businesses are opting for this kind of service over public multi-tenant cloud or own datacenter maintenance because of the advantage of resilience. Uptime as well as recovery is supported by redundancy of multiple layers.

These are the top 3 features of dedicatedprivate cloud hosting solution.

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