Factors To Consider While Shopping For Functional and Flattering Workout Pants

In the past, choices for workout pants included solely of heavy and baggy sweats made from cotton. These pants were not only unflattering, but weighed the wearer down, during workouts. Today, there is an array of workout outfits available for both male and female.

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Navigating through workout clothes, there will be several things to consider like what fabric is suitable, what kind of fitting is best for the purpose, and what style will look good. A tight pant probably means a poor workout session and without an appropriate fit, you will feel bad about your body.

Determine your purpose

First thing to do is to consider the purpose of purchasing a pair of athlete outfit.

  • For cycling and running in cold season close fitting tights can be best because they prevent drafts and cut back wind-resistance
  • Cuffed pants can tumble you, while running or get trapped in the crank shaft, while cycling
  • Baggy pants having loose bottom are suitable for indoor boot camps or kickboxing
  • In aerobic, style and fit is vital therefore select one that flatters your assets
  • Slim fitting pants is best for yoga because they roll down or ride up your waist


  • Wick fabric absorbs the moisture, so are invaluable in sweaty routines
  • Certainly, cotton material absorbs body moisture but becomes heavy and can promote chaffing as well as make you feel chilled in cold weather (due to wet fabric)
  • Lycra, spandex and nylon move with you therefore you will not feel limited, when you are kicking, running, cycling, flowing or grating
  • Fishnet paneled pants are appropriate for those who prefer to cover their legs in warm temperatures


Best workout pant fit is the one that not only flatters you but is also functional.

  • For tummies – A wide waistband, high rise to hold a top and smooth your midsection is appropriate. Try pants with in-built stomach control panels for extra tummy flattening. If you are thick in the middle then stretchy and padded waistband worn on capris will not shove into your sides.
  • For full hips & thighs – A dense fabric helps to reduce the jiggle, while boot-cut or straight leg balances the hips.
  • For petite – Cuts that snugly fit on the thighs and lengthens past the knee.
  • For tall frames– Generally, the design of pants for tall people include inseams of 33” or longer. The crops fixed, at the hem will avoid that saggy look. Short rise cuts on long torso can cause camel toe, so avoid it.

Besides fit in workout pants make sure they are functional, for example flared legs make an annoying flutter, while running or cycling and a draw string is not comfortable, when you perform facedown yoga poses. Therefore seek for features like performance fabrics, flat seams, ventilation panels, anti-microbial treatment (repel odor) and hidden pockets.

Shop smartly

Try on pants as well as move in them or perform lunges and jumping jacks. This gives you an idea, if they move with you. The price may be more, but with an appropriate fit and style, the cost is worthy!

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