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You Can Start A Campfire Even If You Don’t Have Matches At Hand


While going camping or hiking can be loads of fun for you, an exciting day out can easily go bad if you find yourself lost or stranded somewhere without any immediate ways to get help. You can find out just how fast things can cool off from the woods and just how dark it really gets on the market, as day slowly turns into night. From time to time like these it can be a big benefit to you to be able to start some form of fire. If you do not have matches or a lighter, naturally this could be a large problem. In case you are an avid hiker or camper it is always a good idea to be know and prepared of a few techniques to start a fire without the use of any matches.

• Using Friction – Using friction to make a fire is probably the one way most people have read or seen, but performing it this way for you personally is hardly as easy as books or Tv programs can make it seem. It takes knowing precisely how to do it the right way, having the wood you need to do it and having a lot of patience since it can take a long time to make it happen. Fairly often you can do it through the use of a spindle (the stick you are spinning to cause the friction) as well as a fire board. You must make sure you are using wood that may do this well, such as aspen, willow, juniper, cypress or cottonwood.

• A Flint and Steel – it is always a smart idea to have a steel and flint along when you go camping or hiking as an alternative to matches since matches can get and dampen wet easily. Putting the steel to flint will give you a good spark to help you begin a fire and there are many different sets that are sold at camp stores, sporting goods stores and online. If you find yourself with out a flint and steel, you can still make this method work through the use of a pocket knife, some quartzite (a rock) and a few char (cloth that has been transformed into charcoal). Use some tree fungus or birch instead if you do not have char.

• A Lens – Using any type of lens to start a fire is probably the easiest method you can try to obtain a fire going. You probably tried this like a kid with a magnifying glass, so now is a great time to give it a try again. Needless to say, you need to have good sun exposure to accomplish this so you want the daylight, plus a magnifying glass, your glasses or even the lenses from your binoculars.

Having the cabability to make a fire can be a big deal for you as it is going to present you warmth, security from animals, and a strategy to cook food and purify water and a lot more so you want to ensure you can get a fire going when you really need it. It could even be a smart idea to keep some type of flint or matchless kit in your car to have there for emergencies. If it is time for you to get a new car, take a look at what the santa monica fiat dealership at http://www.ocfiat.com offers you in order to have the best car for your personal daily and outdoor adventures.

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