Let Your Neckpieces Display Your Personality

Gone is the time, when the only staple that you needed to look gorgeous were a nice dress teamed up with stylish footwear. What makes your look for the day complete is the set of accessories that you carry. You cannot expect to look gorgeous while wearing your favorite dress. Make sure you put on accessories to complete the overall look. The most essential accessory that you need to adorn is a statement necklace. You can expect to flip your look when you put on matching accessories.

When choosing the perfect statement necklace. You will have to make sure that you settle for something that meets your body type. Just as your dresses, even your necklace needs to compliment your built. When purchasing necklace for yourself, you can rely upon online stores like JustFab that house amazing collection for accessories. Do not worry about the affordability factor as you can find coupons for Justfab to avail unbelievable discounts. To help you find the right pieces, we have complied some tips that you can follow at the earliest.

Keep A Check On Your Body Type

Well for those who fail to wear necklaces as per the body type, the result is a messed up look. You do expect that you are looking good in it but in actual, others might be considering your look to be a little over done. For those who have petite frame, wearing bulky necklaces would e a blunder. Avoid wearing those that are made from big sized beads or pearls.

The best that you can do in this case is to opt for tiny pieces. This would create a symmetry in your overall look. You should opt for neckpieces that seem elegant and delicate in terms of design. Alternatively those who have tall and bulky built, wearing smaller jewels would do no wonders. Try wearing bulky necklaces with elaborate designs. You can put on chains made out of big sized pearls. You can also try necklaces with colorful figs.

As an additional tip, it is best when you wear something that is atleast 20 inches in height as this way one would start focusing upon your neckline and not the heavier parts. You can look slimmer and feminine effortlessly. Once you have mastered the art of choosing neckpieces as per the built, the only thing left is to settle for one that compliments your outfit.

Choose Something That Matches Your Outfit

The style of your upper garment matter a lot when choosing the right outfit. When wearing something defined like round neck, the best that you can do is to settle for choker style pieces. Such pieces highlight the neckline and also fills in the empty neck. You can create a formal look, when you put on chokers. For less deeper necks, you can choose a slender gold or silver chain depending upon the dress color.

Also, with ballroom gowns and wedding gowns, you can choose short neckpieces with pearls. Small length neckpieces would ensure that your collar bone shows well and looks accentuated.

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