Slips, Trips and Falls Calculator

Slips, trips and falls happen occasionally, but what if you’ve experienced one of these scenarios as a result of someone else’s carelessness or negligence? You may be able to make a claim against a business owner’s or occupier’s public liability insurance policy if the accident happens on the inside of a building open to the public such as a department store, airport or bank. Even a supermarket can be a common place for accidents to occur due to falling objects, wet floors, boxes in the aisles and more.

Another possible scenario is that the accident happened in a government building in which case you may have grounds for a claim with the local authorities.

Accidents on private property like someone’s home, land or other property may be liable for damages under the law if the situation resulted due to a clear form of negligence by the owner.

Even escalators and lifts can be dangerous because of people falling down them, getting shoes and clothing caught in an escalator and even experiencing a fall due to the jerking and sudden movement of the lifts and escalators.

Another little-known location for injuries is in a university or college situation. If you or your child has experienced injury due to a fall in the shower, slip or trip on campus, falls from height or sporting accidents, the affected student may be unable to continue to study and attend classes as well as need significant medical care.

The increasing efficiency and convenience of vehicles these days make them one of the top modes of transportation for today’s modern individual. However, along with the many benefits of car travel for work and pleasure, there are higher potential risks of accidents for both vehicle owners and passengers, especially with today’s increasingly congested roads and distracted drivers. If you or a family member have been involved in a road traffic accident, and it was not your fault, any injuries you sustained may entitle you to compensation.

If through no fault of your own, you or a family member has suffered physical injury, psychological trauma, or loss of work due to a slip, trip or fall, the best thing you can do is begin the claim process with Accident Claims Calculator. The Calculator simply asks you to respond to a few simple questions, easily facilitated by Accident Claims Calculator. Were you injured in the last three years? Was the accident your fault? Did you receive medical attention? Where were you injured?

Of course, the trauma of an injury can have detrimental effects on many areas of your life, so seeking immediate help by beginning a claim investigation with an experienced claim representative is one of the surest ways to recover a bright future.