Why Axe Throwing Parties Are The Talk Of The Town

You may have noticed, every hip city dweller in Canada is talking about axe throwing parties, posting selfies and group photos of how much fun they had. Are your worried you’re missing out? Well don’t worry! Axe throwing parties are for everyone and with more and more axe throwing leagues opening up throughout Canada, there should be one close to you.

Axe throwing parties and axe throwing leagues are for all adults. We can’t stress this enough. That’s one of the great things about them, one of the reasons why they are so popular, and one of the reasons why they will stay popular. The culture around axe throwing leagues, like BATL, the Backyard Axe Throwing League, is built on inclusivity, safety, and fun. Axe throwing can be enjoyed by people of any fitness level and no one tolerates discrimination at an axe throwing league. Axe throwing leagues are premised on the notion that either everyone’s having fun or no one is. That’s why your safety and comfort comes first. For more information and bachelor party ideas stop by BATLgrounds.com/bachelor-party-ideas.

There are two major options with an axe throwing league; that is, to choose between joining a league that meets regularly for things like tournaments and practice sessions, or to book the league for a special event such as a birthday, bachelor or bachelorette party. It’s even become popular to book an axe throwing party for your work’s team building exercise. Imagine how much of a hero that would make you around the office? If you’re wondering if alcohol can be consumed at an axe throwing party, the answer is yes, as long as it’s done responsibly and the alcohol is not in glass containers. Otherwise, you’re all set. One of the leagues axe throwing experts will show you and your friends how to properly and safely throw an axe at a target, then you’ll split up into teams and let the games begin!

If you’re wondering why axe throwing leagues and axe throwing parties are so popular, the answer is to go and see for yourself. The fun and inclusivity you’ll find there is unmistakable and we guarantee you’ll love it. Axe throwing has the added benefit of being a very old Canadian tradition, so you and your friends can feel like you’re back in the good old days when all you needed for a little fun was your friends, a block of wood, and a good sharp axe.

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