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6 Jewellery Pieces Every Girl Must Own!

There is no woman on earth who isn’t fond of jewellery. Her favourite can be a simple gold ring or an elaborate inherited necklace from her mother. The piece of jewellery one owns speaks a lot about the person, the choices of the person, the way the person likes to dress up and what the person thinks too!

While the world of jewellery is over expanding with the sparkles and timeless pieces, here’s our pick at 6 jewellery pieces every girl must own.

A Pearl Necklace

Pearls are sophisticated as well as chic and sassy when required. No other jewellery can outdo the beauty of pearls. A simple pearl necklace can just do wonders. When you are confused on which jewellery will go with a certain outfit, and you don’t want to look dressy and the situation demands so, a pearl necklace would be a perfect choice for the situation!

A Diamond Necklace

There is no doubt that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. There are so many new diamond necklace designs in the market that any normal person can get crazy for them. By a diamond necklace, we don’t mean to say that it needs to be really huge and heavy; a simple and sophisticated line of diamonds is alright too! Get something which suits every occasion so that you don’t appear too loud.

Cocktail Rings

These are one type of rings which can pull the entire show through the evening! Large and decorative, these rings are the ultimate glam every woman requires to be the star of the party! Cocktail rings are very dramatic and they can never go wrong! But be sure that your hands are well manicured!

Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces are fun! They are bold, complete in itself and nothing can go wrong with a statement necklace. And it is a quick way to show off your work outfit at the party without feeling out of place! There is no compulsion that you have to wear it only a particular attire; it can also be worn with trousers and a shirt or a saree too!

Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelets are much personalised and speak a lot about a person. And the best thing about them is that you can keep adding charms to them. It can be from a place you travelled to or something which is an important part of you. Keep on collecting charms and adding them to your bracelet!

Chandelier Earrings

Every girl must own something typically Indian, close to your roots of origin. Chandelier earrings are especially reserved for Indian clothing, but nowadays some fashionistas can be seen wearing it with western wear too! It just shows how versatile can they be! Have a collection of them, because you would just not be able to stop yourself from obsessing about them! From simple gold and silver ones to those studded with diamonds and emeralds, all invite gazes from the crowd!

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