Galaxy Note 6 vs Note 6 edge

Samsung galaxy note 6 is one of the most powerful next generation mobile devices, and it is set to be launched in 2016. Its release is much anticipated by fans of the Samsung galaxy note series. Although it is just about 4 months since the release of note 5, there is already a lot of anticipation for note 6. With 2016 less than a month away, new rumours about the release date, and specs of Samsung galaxy note6 are coming up daily. Its predecessor Samsung galaxy note 5 was launched in august this year and had its own fair share of rumours before its release.

While the actual release date or specs are yet to be officially confirmed, most of the rumours around the web are, that;

  • The display screen size of the device will be increased to 6 inches
  • The device may be released sometime around august to October 2016, as its predecessor the note 5 was released in august.
  • Micro SD slot will be re-introduced to the note 6.
  • The note 6 will be the first in the note series to have a 4k resolution.
  • It will run on the new android 6.0 marshmallow.
  • It will contain a USB type c.

There won’t be much difference between the galaxy note 5 and 6 in terms of screen size, as note 5 differs from note 6 with about 0.3 inches. The slight increase might be because of the 4k resolution being introduced to the note 6. It’s quite difficult to predict the release date of galaxy note 6, as the note 5 is still quite fresh in the market. But using the same system of prediction as its predecessors, it should be released as stated above between august to September 2016. External SD card has been a part of the galaxy note series, since the launch of galaxy note in October 2011. The external SD was removed with the launch of galaxy note 5, and this was kind of a problem for the 32 GB user, because with all the new features added to the mobile device, the memory of the device was a letdown as the 32 GB internal memory was not enough to fulfill their needs. With the new features being added to the galaxy note 6, the external SD will be re-introduced for all users.

Galaxy Note 6 Edge

Galaxy Note 6 Edge, the latest confirmed entry by Samsung in its flagship Note series, is indeed a delight for gadget freaks with a thing for technology innovations; the phablet boasts of a 16 core processor which can include both Snapdragon as well as Exynos in SoC, along with a possible 6 or 8 GB RAM ensuring high-end multi-tasking. The display is a mammoth 6-inch foldable canvas with 4K+HD resolution, and a 27MP/8MP dual camera with upgraded sensors. The previously welcomed 32, 64 & 128 GB storage capacities are expected to be retained with a possible external MicroSD feature. A non-removable 4000 mAH battery with fast charging capacity is certainly a cordial welcome. The gadget is expected to be delivered with a stock Android Marshmallow 6.0 version, which indeed is a feature that tops the cherry over the scoop of delicious sundae of awesomeness that this flagship piece, bound to silence all critics, will bring about. Enthusiasts and critics across the entire Smartphone spectrum are going to go gaga over monstrous beauty and overload of all that one could desire in a device they practically live with. Release dates expected is around Q3 in 2016.

Every year there is a lot of excitement regarding the release of the Samsung’s flagship Note series. This year also right from the time Note 5 hit the markets rumours about Galaxy S7 and Note started making rounds. Though there is still a lot of time for the release of the phone as according to the early rumours it may be released in November 2016 but the phone is looking very powerful and high end.

If we compare Note 6 to the present generation Smartphone then it’s going to be the most advanced and may also introduce the era of foldable Smartphone to the market. It is going to have a 8 GB’s of RAM and will be having the most advanced 16- core processor from Exynos family.

Display wise as mentioned before it will have foldable display which will provide 4K resolutions. As today’s generation is selfie crazy Samsung may introduce a powerful wide lens 16MP camera on the front and a revolutionary 30 MP camera on the back.

Another important feature that Note 6 will have is USB C-Type and fast charging function. As per early reports it would be able to charge up to 40% in as many as 4 mins. Though this are just some rumours a lot more will be revealed in coming times.