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Job Aggregator Sites: The Future Of Job Search

A job aggregator gathers available job listings from multiple websites, including company websites, compiling them into a search engine. A platform such as this enables candidates to browse myriad job listings from hundreds of sites all at once, without having to scour the internet, jumping from one job portal to the next in an effort to find relevant listings.

As such, it’s easy to see why it is more convenient for those looking online for jobs to search through a job aggregator as opposed to a traditional job portal. Job aggregators efficiently and concisely compile a wide-ranging list of job advertisements from all job sites that meet that persons specifications (this includes region and job sector). This serves to lessen the burden of job seeking online, which can be a cumbersome, tedious and overwhelming task, as there are an excess of job portals on the web, many of them with irrelevant information and outdated job listings.

Job aggregator sites like Zigo provide an inclusive compilation of job openings, all on one site, with all available jobs in South Africa listed. In addition, new jobs are added every day, so the information is always relevant.

In summary, a few benefits of a job aggregator include:

With the benefits of a job aggregator search engine far surpassing any job portal, it’s simple to see why they are the way of the future.

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