Know About Open Text Book Assessment

Central Board of Secondary Education introduced Open Text Book Assessment for class 9 & 11 in the year 2014 with a thought to shift the focus of India education system from rote learning to understanding of concept and developing their practical application. This change was intended to decrease the burden of books on children.

As per the scheme of OTBA, Students will be provided with the study material related to the Open Text Book Assessment much before the assessment so that they can go through the provided text, clear their concept and get well versed with their applications.

For Class 9, OTBA will be for all major subjects such as English, Social Science, Hindi, Science and Mathematics while for those in class 11 the assessment will be in Economics, Biology and Geography. Every year CBSE selects Unit/Themes from within the syllabus and theme of OTBA is also made available to students prior to assessment along with the marks distribution valid for the assessment.

For the year 2016, the themes and topics for the assessment has been announced by Central Board of Secondary Examination. For the candidate in class 9 the themes of OTBA are as follow:

  • English:
    • Let’s Welcome, Accept and Respect
    • Indigenous Games of India
  • Hindi:
    • Environment protection
    • Women
  • Social Science:
    • Together We Rise
    • Food Security in India
  • Science:
    • Handling Drought in our Country
    • Conservation of Water Bodies
  • Mathematics:
    • Childhood Obesity in India
    • Energy Consumption

While for the students for Class 11 the themes are as follow:

  • Economics:
    • Special Economic Zones
    • Indo- Pak trade relations
  • Geography:
    • The Dynamic Ocean Current
    • Ocean Resources
  • Biology:
    • Take care
    • The Ambient Air

The study material for Open Book Text Assessment for class 9 as well as class 11 in English as well as Hindi will be provided to the students online. Along with the material for the students, CBSE will provide sample questions and a suggestive marking scheme for the use of teachers, so that they can familiarize as well as make students comfortable with the scheme of examination.

While preparing for the OTBA examination, students have an advantage that they can use their textbooks or notes while appearing in the examination. While preparing for the examinations, students can make their own notesso that they can decrease the time and can boost their performance in examination.

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