Professional Growth After Completing Furniture Design Courses In India

December 9, 2015 Education No Comments

Furniture Design includes various aspects which include interior, aviation as well as other crafts. With the change in the industry, modernization by Indian furniture manufacturers, need of mass manufacturing, use of newer materials and integration of materials and technology, the role of designers in the furniture space is increasing. Furniture Design course in India enable the students to enhance their skills so that they can become successful furniture designer in future.

As a furniture designer one needs to do extensive research and planning. You also need to travel to find out new concepts and ideas for the design. Interior Deisgners job also include designing product on software as well as calculate the cost. You also need to work with the craftsman and make him deliver the products according to their choice.

In order to start your career in furniture design, one needs to complete bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in furniture design course. The degrees may be provided by top design colleges in India. Those who successfully completed their course from top design colleges can apply in various furniture design firms. Many furniture designers start their own businesses or they also apply in various furniture design and production companies. Many furniture design companies uses CAD technology to design furniture, so all the design colleges should train the students to learn CAD technology. Furniture design needs creativity , business awareness as well as skills in finance, sales and marketing.

One can start his or her career as

  • Fixture Designer

The job of the fixture designer is to develop and design retail store fixtures, display units, mannequins, etc.

  • Furniture Designer

A furniture designer creates furniture for mass. They also create as well as custom or “art furniture.” Custom furniture is designed and produced for residences, museums, specialty stores and other businesses which required specific needs.

  • Furniture Fabricator

They mainly designfurniture in assembly type fashion.

Furniture construction does not need prior planning, but it is always better to create prior planning for furniture design. A design can start with a sketch on the paper but it needs to be implemented and a product needs to be created from that sketch.