Chiropractic Lead Generation

A very effect strategy is to create either a video or report that you give away to your audience in exchange for an email. It should be something that helps solve or bring to light the problems patients are suffering from and how to go about solving them. Then mention how having a great Chiropractic lead generation can solve all of that and can be the most effective way to get rid of the pain. I would also have some things in there that would help them in other ways. Too many chiropractic sites take a subtle approach to this, with a “Get Our Newsletter” button or form. Very, very few patients use those, because there’s simply no benefit to doing so.

Chiropractic Lead Generation

Make it easy for them to go from browsing to contacting you for an appointment:

  1. Create content that talks about a specific health issue
  2. Show that you can help with that health issue (A video is the perfect way to do this!)
  3. Ask for them to call or email you

This strategy I have used in several markets that has produced more prequalified leads and patients / customers. Remember to test, track and know your metrics. You’re going to need to make some tweaks in the beginning, but this can be very effective for you

Top Sales Strategies to Utilize on LinkedIn Lead Generation Process

  1. Copy Sales Strategies That Already Work;

Let’s start with an obvious example: Stop for a minute and think about the TV commercials for new cars that use sales strategies aimed at men.

What is that type of TV commercial typically like?





  1. Use the Sales Strategy of Emotion

Important. People buy when they’re emotional.

Logic doesn’t convince people to buy what you’re selling.

Emotion does.

Your buyer just uses logic later on to justify his or her actions

  1. Your Sales Strategies MUST Make Your Product

Now, you may be coming back at me saying, “But, John, I sell search engine optimization services. How do I make that exciting or emotional?” Imagine if every time someone searched on Google for a chropratic lead generation in Chicago, your clinic showed up on Page 1? How would that impact your business? How many more new patients would that bring in

  1. Features Tell. Benefits Sell

Chiropractors in Chicago could care less about Google Panda or Penguin or anything else about the SEO world you live and play in.

All they care about is the BENEFIT you can bring them as part of the sales relationship you want to build.

Sell the BENEFIT of your services or product first

  1. How I Sell My Flagship Program

The sales strategies I use work.

You need to be doing the same thing. And you need to be passionate about it.

Otherwise, it’s too easy for buyers to dismiss you. Our brain is onto the next shiny object or piece of content that engages us emotionally.

Remember this: Attention follows Emotion

Avoid these common mistakes.

  1. Don’t talk about features
  2. Don’t be generic.
  3. Don’t be subtle.
  4. Don’t create a “wall of text.”

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