The Case For Employee Wellness Programs

Employers are no longer just concerned about productivity. Instead, the focus has expanded to include other facets of company life including workplace wellness. Here are some benefits to improving the workplace environment.

The Case For Employee Wellness Programs

Increased Productivity

A healthy employee is a productive one. That’s especially true if they spend more time at work and less time on sick leave. Increased fitness often brings about a higher level of productivity. An onsite facility enables employees to get a quick workout prior to starting the day, raising their energy level for the hours ahead. If you can’t afford an on-site facility, then offer a discounted membership to a local fitness facility.

Lower Health Plan Costs

Business health plan costs often see substantial reductions when healthy habits are encouraged in the workplace. Premium reductions are often available based on a percentage of employees who are non-smokers or within a healthy weight range. Naturally, these costs reductions are dependent on your provider and the effectiveness of your health plan. Nevertheless, the savings can be substantial.

A More Positive Environment

Employees are encouraged when they know their employer cares about more than just the number of hours they work each week. That caring is in turn reflected in the work that they produce. Create a positive work environment that is focused on physical and mental well being by creating healthy lifestyle newsletters, hosting weight loss challenges, and similar events.

Less Employee Turnover

Happy employee are less likely to leave for the competition. That makes sense, doesn’t it? This reduction in employee turnover directly benefits the company through reduced hiring costs and training. An effective workplace wellness program provides intangible benefits that money simply cannot buy.

Increased Competition

A well thought out wellness program can give your company a competitive edge in the marketplace. Hiring will be easier if employees find your company offers better perks such as those in your wellness program. You may even earn some media coverage if your program sets itself apart from other local companies; maybe you have an onsite fitness facility or other unusual perk. This post on CoffeeWriter has some good examples if you’re looking for inspiration.

Workplace wellness has become an important priority for smart business leader. Increase worker productivity, reduced employee turnover rates and lower health plan costs are just some of the benefits that can be derived. Learn more about improving the wellbeing of your employees today.

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