Cyber Threats: Are You Prepared?

December 21, 2015 Computers No Comments

Over the past few decades we have experienced a boom in technology. This invariably led to the start of the new business revolution. Companies and businesses started relying on various forms of technology to conduct their daily activities. The internet has now become a core part of every company’s working mechanism. This is essentially because the internet helps to streamline your business and makes communication with clients so much easier. It is known to improve the company’s efficiency, increase business and reduce the mailing expenditure.

Cyber Threats: Are You Prepared?

We however have started taking the internet for granted. We use the company internet without a second thought. Many people will wonder why this is a problem. The reason is simply because we fail to realize that the company uses the internet for its business transactions. This makes the company network an essential storehouse of information. Almost all of that information is confidential information! This confidential information is stored on our company computers (and sometimes even on the internet) and can be accessed by using your company internet connection. That’s the reason why it is important to evaluate how safe your company WiFi system really is!

For those of you who are still wondering why this is important… Remember the Sony hack? That is a prime example of what could happen to a company even with a proper Cyber security plan in place. Most online hacks don’t make it to the headlines like the Sony hack did. If your company does make it to the headlines (for a cyber hack) then be prepared for a lot of trouble as no client likes their loss of confidentiality and you definitely will not appreciate the loss of company data.

So How Does A Cyber Hack Affect You And Your Company?

Every company which is worth their salt is earning some form of revenue. If the company has revenue pouring in from its clients, it invariably means that the company has a lot of the client’s payment details. These details include credit card information and bank account information. This information is the primary target of hackers.

Another thing that hackers find interesting are trade secrets. Some companies have trade secrets which are related to the merchandise they sell. For example a fast food company may have a trade secret recipe which they do not let out. Hackers can find access to such data too.

What Happens To The Information That The Hackers Get Their Hands On?

Individuals or organizations that hack into company networks make their living out of stealing data. They hold the data at ransom till the company pays up. The situation can get far worse than that! If the data is really important, they may even auction it off the data to the highest bidder or even your competitor.

At the end of the day, irrespective what information the hackers take, you know that you are going to have a hard time managing the situation after that.

What Can A Company Do To Prevent Such Instances From Happening?

It is virtually impossible to ensure that your cyber security is foolproof (a better way of saying it would be hacker proof!). A good analogy would be preventing a fire in your office. You can ensure that all safety measures are in place. You can even set up an emergency response plan but can you really be 100 percent certain that there will never ever be a fire in the office? In the same way, you can setup your company systems in such a way that you provide the best form of cyber security but you can never completely rest assured that all your company data is safe. It is just one of those risks that is associated with using the internet in the workplace.

The key to preventing a Cyber attack is knowing your risks and working towards preventing anyone from exploiting them. A good solid IT security plan should be drawn up to protect your assets. Consider investing in a good Cyber security software. Remember a stitch in time saves nine. A Cyber security software is not something you want to skimp out on! It will in fact be the lifesaver that you may one day be searching for!

The internet is a really powerful tool. No one can deny that it has helped businesses advance a lot in the past few years. Though using the internet has a lot of advantages, it is also wise to remind yourself about the risks associated with its use. Most people do not even acknowledge the full extent of cyber threats. That however is the biggest mistake that a person/company can make. Be forewarned and proactive!