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5 Great Holiday Gifts For College Students

If you have a child who is currently attending college, it may seem as though you’re constantly shelling out money for all kinds of expenses. So what can you get your child that’s really special for the holidays? Well the answer is simple; you want to find gifts that will help that college student make life just a little bit sweeter or easier. This can either be on a temporary basis, or a gift that makes everyday life just a bit more convenient. Here are 5 great holiday gifts for college students.

  1. Temporary or Prepaid Credit Card.

If you really have no idea what to get for someone, it never hurts to get a temporary or prepaid credit card – especially for a college student. It’s basically like a gift card that you can spend wherever you want. This way you know that your college student can purchase whatever they want or need most and that your money won’t go to waste. If you’re running late on buying your holiday presents then this is a great option because you don’t have to spend a lot of time searching for one. This gift is sure to please anyone, especially anyone earning Villanova’s master of taxation online.

  1. Movie Tickets.

If there’s one thing that every college student needs, it’s a night to just relax and watch a movie from time to time. A lot of different movie theaters will sell ticket vouchers that can be redeemed for any movie that plays at their theaters. Depending on the movie theater, you may even be able to provide a gift card that will cover soda, candy and popcorn as well.

  1. Flash Drives.

With the never-ending due dates of term papers, mp3 files that have the best ‘time to study’ music, and jpgs of all of the selfies they take with their friends while out at night, college students are always in need of flash drives to store their digital media. Not only that, but flash drives make it easy to keep tons of information on you without having to lug your tablet or your laptop everywhere with you. Flash drives also make it easy for students to share notes and other information for group projects, turn in assignments or large presentations, and generally lighten the storage on their computers.

Have you ever noticed how most millennials can’t seem to go anywhere without a pair of headphones on? Well it’s probably no surprise that they’re constantly losing those earbuds and buying new cheap pairs with inferior sound quality. If you really want to make a college student happy, buy them a nice set of headphones (rather than earbuds) with superior sound quality, and your gift is sure to be appreciated each and every day.

  1. Restaurant Gift Card.

College students tend to live life on the go, so it’s no surprise that the majority of the food that they eat is either cheap fast food, or ready-made meals from the grocery store that just need heating. So why not treat them to a nice meal at a classy restaurant? It’s not every day that a college student gets to eat at a nice restaurant, and if he or she is lucky, there might just be enough money on that gift card to impress a hot date.

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