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Capsular Contracture – A Problem Breast Augmentation Patients Should Know

Breast Augmentation is generally a safe procedure that produces excellent results. Most women enjoy increased confidence and enjoyment of wearing different types of clothing that enhances their curvy new form. However, some patients develop a problem called capsular contracture, which can cause deformity and discomfort.

What is Capsular Contracture?

Capsular contracture occurs when the fibrous tissue in the breast react to the foreign substance of the breast implant. Collagen tissue develops around the implant, encapsulating it, and in some patients, this tissue growth can cause problems. The condition is believed to occur due to the normal bacteria that exist in the body. Generally, the tissue that forms around the implant is thin and wispy, but in some patients, the tissue may become hard and tight, creating differences in the shape and contour of the affected breast. In some cases, the growth of the fibrous tissue can become painful.

Symptoms of Capsular Contracture

When capsular contracture occurs, it is diagnosed in terms of “stages” of severity, such as:

Who Is At Risk for this Condition?

Capsular contracture occurs in only 5 percent of breast implant cases. Studies indicate that the condition is most likely to occur in certain individuals:

What Is Capsular Contracture Treated?

What You Can Do To Reduce Your Risk

The best action you can take is to avoid the development of enscapsulation around the implant. A number of measure are recommended:

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