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Thinking Of Career As Professional or Commercial Driver In South Africa?

Being a professional or commercial driver is probably one of the most adventurous jobs one can ask for in South Africa. If you enjoy travelling and driving around South Africa’s beautiful landscapes, or even your local area. Once you have a Professional Drivers Licence or Commercial Drivers Licence you can explore various driving jobs which vary from trucking to delivery jobs. Most professional driving jobs will provide you with a car, but some industries require you to have your own car. Here are some driving jobs in South Africa, with an idea of what they pay:

This type of driver can expect to earn around ZAR118 384 per annum and the pay rises over the period of 20 years. Over a period of 20 years drivers can expects to earn significantly more.

These kinds of drivers can expect to earn around ZAR60 817 per annum and most employees in this position move up the proverbial ladder over a period of 20 years. The most required skills in this field are Professional Driving and Driver/Core Development.

Bus driving is a trade that is picking up due to BRT developments across South Africa, the bus driving profession is gaining momentum. The average salary for a bus driver in South Africa is ZAR97 085 per annum and professionals in this industry generally have an estimated 10 years of experience.

If you’re thinking of becoming a Forklift Driver, with over 20 years of experience a driver in this field can expect a few promotions during their career. The average salary for a Forklift Driver is ZAR62 549 per annum.

A Truck Driver is also an important career in terms of managing logistics within a range of companies across the country. The average pay for pay in this profession is ZAR62 904 per annum and most people in the profession gain better positions over a period of 20 years.

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