How To Maintain Mother Of Bride Glamorous Look With Perfect Dressing

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Bride’s mother being the closest relation to bride owns special attention at wedding ceremonies. This important position requires her to maintain a glamorous look to be distinguished at the ceremony. A proper balance of fashion and decency is no doubt essential for a good appearance.

Now a day’s fashion industry is coming up with various dressing styles and accessories to meet the requirements of ladies from all age groups. A little bit homework on mother of bride makeover can give her attractive decent look at such a special occasion.

Mother of Bride Dressing Styles

A variety of dressing styles like a maxi, long forks, skirts and many others in various materials and colors are easily available in market. Even these days designers can make your dress ready as per requirements.

But a little bit of fashion sense is essential while choosing dressing style. A poorly chosen dress can destroy the whole look. So some important factors for while selecting the dressing style are:

  • Select dress according to your body shape and height. Long maxi dress gives a slim and elegant look to your body. Avoid short slip dresses as they are not suitable for such an occasion.
  • Color of dress should be according to time of wedding. For evening function goes for dark colors.
  • Dress fabric stuff is also an important factor. For summers linen or organdy while for winters velvet and brocade are preferable.
  • It’s good to select dress according to theme of wedding. Along with theme color you can include some good combination of color shades in dress. Including matching accessories can enhance your outlook.
  • For evening functions instead of wearing black color go for dark shades of other color. It’s a good option as wedding is happy occasion so it must be filled with some vibrant colors.

Mother of Bride Foot Wears

After dress selection second most important factor is footwear. Heels and flat foot wears in various styles and colors can be selected according to dress.

  • Heals with a maxi, skirts and long forks look quite impressive and elegant.
  • Flat wears are also quite favorable with a maxi.

It is preferable to go for heels as they suit more for such occasions.

Dressing Enhancement with Accessories

Adding accessories to bride’s mother makeover can render an overall elegant and decent look. Being a respectable personality at wedding, you must select sober accessories with decent colors. Some of these accessories include handbags, hats, bracelets, bangles and chains etc. Select accessories according to your dress but try to keep it simple and decent.

Another important factor which cannot be ignored is your makeup. If you are not having a good makeup the effort of good dressing up is just useless. Your makeup must be sober and light. For evening functions a bit dark shades according to dress colors can be used.

In the short mother of the bride makeover is just a fine balance among dressing style, accessories, footwear and makeup. A good selection and choice of material can help you to become the most glamorous lady of your daughter’s wedding.

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